Friday, March 15, 2013

Why do they so fear the voters?

Mayor Mallory and his majority that slavishly supports every item on his agenda have made their careers by winning elections, convincing the electorate to back their various candidacies.

Thus, you would think they would embrace, not fear, the voters.

But not on the parking issue.

Throughout last week's City Council debate on the Parking Plot, they tried every procedural and legal trick in the book to make the measure referendum-proof.  And then last week and this, they ramped up the battle in Court, fighting COAST's challenge to assure the voters' referendum rights.  Yesterday, they added -- at a cost of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars -- attorneys from politically-connected Dinsmore & Shohl to try to influence the outcome of the judicial proceeding (it won't work).

We find it amusing when legislators, who make their living wooing the electorate, so strongly fear a public vote, the very voice of their constituents.

We suspect their fear is for good reason.

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