Friday, March 29, 2013

This proud little town stands up for itself

George "Boss" Cox ruled Cincinnati until 1923
and implemented the subway system, 
later abandoned by Murray Seasongood's reformers

When George "Boss" Cox ruled Cincinnati, reform-minded citizens lead by Murray Seasongood took control back from their oppressors.  In 1923 they adopted a City Charter that implemented reforms making Cincinnati one of the best-run cities in the nation.  (One of their reforms was to kill Boss Cox' over-priced, corrupt and failed subway system.)  Read about all this here and here.

So, it's funny how history repeats itself.

Cincinnati has again descended into fiscal chaos, and is flailing under powerful, but corrupt and irresponsible leadership.  And, once again, responsible, civic-minded Cincinnatians are rising up to seize control of their streets and the public fisc from irresponsible, self-serving politicians intent on running it into the ground with soaring debt and ill-advised contracts.

Through the parking petition, Cincinnatians are seizing control of the City for themselves back from rapacious and reckless politicans more concerned about preserving and advancing their power than serving the citizenry.

Please come out and sign the petition this weekend, or volunteer to help.  COASTers will be stationed in Mt. Lookout Square all day Saturday.  Please come join us, in the rich tradition of those responsible citizens who took back control of this City before us.

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