Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seelbach's Sell-Out Explained

For the past two days Chris Seelbach has been telling everyone who will listen that COAST is lying about his vote. Let us be perfectly clear. The Parking Plot was made up of multiple votes. The vote that mattered, the vote that COAST always said mattered, was the vote on the Emergency Clause. 

Seelbach claimed that he was going to oppose the Parking Plot. However, he voted to enshrine the parking plot into Cincinnati law and disenfranchise Cincinnatians by taking away our right to hold a referendum to stop the deal.

Seelbach is trying to pull a classic John Kerry "Voted Against it before I voted for It..." scam. Don't let him get away with it.

We knew he was going to do this. We told you he was going to do this. And now we are going to make sure the world knows that when it mattered, when the people of Cincinnati needed a champion, when Chris Seelbach had the opportunity to stand up and deliver for the people of Cincinnati, he fell in line behind Mayor Mallory and Roxanne Qualls. And now he is hiding behind the most blatantly shameless and disingenuous political pandering. Shame on Seelbach.  


  1. An "explanation" by COAST is merely a lie.

  2. Gosh, that hurts our feelings to hear that, but tell us what in the explanation is untrue?

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