Thursday, March 7, 2013

The next step -- a Referendum petition

Judge Bob Winkler's courageous issuance yesterday afternoon of a Temporary Restraining Order on the City's calamitous parking plan now sets the stage for a dramatic referendum -- a public vote -- on the Council's decision to sell our community's parking assets to venture capitalists from New York City.

Now, the voters of Cincinnati will be fully empowered to vote on this plan.

COAST's attorneys now must take a few days to jump through the exacting legal hoops to qualify a petition for the ballot, and signature gathering should start over the weekend or by Monday at the very latest.  We have 29 days from today to conclude the petition drive.

If you want to help circulate a petition, contact,, or call Mark Miller at 617-2263.  We need your help gathering the 7,500 valid signatures of City of Cincinnati registered voters. 

It is time for the people of Cincinnati to be heard.


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