Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Hyper-Aware Shakedown

As if the disclosures from Cincinnati Public Schools to date have not been sufficiently scandalous, COAST recently received another treasure trove of documents showing the outrageous top-to-bottom misuse of public resources for political campaigning. Over the next few days we will share with you even more of the "emails of the day"showing, sometimes so outrageously as to be humorous, the systemic abuse of tax dollars to pass the Cincinnati Public School levy this past November.

Today's installment is an outrageous and overt shakedown of school district vendors for contributions of $5,000 each. Read that letter below.

This letter, and many like it, was sent to CPS vendors. Perhaps a Hyper-Naive Enquirer Editorial writer would call this just another Hyper-Aware Shakedown??  Or maybe some good old fashioned, ho-hum Hyper-Aware Pay to Play??

Apropos of possibly nothing, read about how a former Detroit Mayor is going to Federal Prison for steering contracts in exchange for financial contributions here.


  1. Well, boys and girls...would you be interested in another public school district that regularly includes with their almost monthly mailers to district residents, at taxpayers' expense, mind you, postings on the calendar that tells all to VOTE YES for any tax/ bond levy--new, continuous, additional if and when they may come up for a possible ballot/ election issue?

    Is that not illegal?

  2. That's 100% illegal; criminal illegal. Please send info & we will pursue.


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