Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our biggest day yet

Cincinnati's media and public, as well as its political leadership, have come to expect extraordinary things from the Cincinnati NAACP and COAST, and their coalition partners on our many petition drives: jail tax, red light cameras, water works sale, trash tax, streetcar (x2), etc.

It has become expected that we can do the unexpected of placing a ballot issue before the voters using the rights of the citizenry through petition drives.

And they have come to expect extraordinary things from our legal team, obtaining one legal breakthrough after another.

But the reality is simply far more harsh, more brutal, than that.  Sometimes we will lose, in the courtroom, in the petitioning field and even at the ballot box.  What we do is the outlier, the exception, the extraordinary, the almost impossible.  And it comes at tremendous cost in terms of volunteer sacrifice, time and risk of failure.

Those factors are compounded when we have a short time frame and the winter and holiday season in the way.  When $92 million is at stake, our opponents are waiting -- with highly-paid attorneys in the wings -- for us to trip along the way.

In short, it is not a given that we will always "make it."  Victory is not assured.  We can slip at many, many steps along the way.  We must be diligent, well-supplied and sure footed in everything we do.

That being said, we have an experienced legal and petitioning team.  We have volunteer and cash resources committed.  We have a plan in place.  We are ready for the challenge.  But an incredible amount of work is before us.

This weekend we must obtain thousands of valid signatures.  We have no option.  And Sunday is Easter.  Thus, we have one day to secure an enormous return on the petition drive.   

Today is that day.

Today our volunteers will be at Findlay Market.  They will be in Washington Park.  They will be in Mt. Washington and Mt. Airy.  They will be in Clifton and Mt. Lookout.  They will be in Price Hill, and Westwood.

Please seek out a volunteer, sign or circulate a petition, and help us light this rocket of yet more extraordinary things.

We very much need your help.

Call Tom Brinkman, Jr. to participate.  237-4054.

Today is our biggest day yet.

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