Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy Council uses eminent domain for Streetcar project

Unable to negotiate an acceptable price for the Streetcar garage, the Bat Shit Crazy Council today voted to use eminent domain to acquire the facility.  Voting "no" were P.G. Sittenfeld, Charlie Winburn and Christopher Smitherman.

In voting "no," Sittenfeld noted that the $12 million funding gap to relocate Duke Energy facilities has yet to be resolved, and urged a slow-down of the project pending the resolution of that critical issue.

Read it here.

COAST very much likes the Bain Capital v. Solyndra contrast

Mitt Romney's press conference today at Soyndra provides the perfect backdrop visually and positioning-wise in the 2012 Presidential campaign.

If Romney succeeds in making this Presidential campaign a debate about the benefits of a vigorous, rough and tumble free-market economy versus a top-down command economy, free-marketeers will win hands down.

From Mitt Romney today in the NYT:

[Solyndra's] a symbol not of success but of failure.  I’m afraid the reason that the stimulus has been unsuccessful, that the turnaround has taken so long to occur, that the recovery has been tepid, is that the president fails to understand the basic nature of free enterprise in America.

I also note how damaging a decision like this is for free enterprise generally.  What you’re saying to other inventors, to other entrepreneurs, particularly in the solar space, is that the best way to get ahead is not with the best ideas, and the best technology and the best people and the best marketing, but instead with the best lobbyists. That is not the nature of how America works.
By turning the presidential contest from a tactical, marginal contest to see who can squeak by with the most electoral votes, handing out political favors along the way, into a referendum on the direction citizens want to take this Country on terms of free market economics, Romney will not only win votes, he will win back the hearts of Americans and have a solid mandate from which to govern.

That mandate in turn will inspire businessmen and entrepreneurs, existing multi-national corporations, small businesses and start ups, to believe in the value of their hard work and innovation, rather than their next government handout or their political connections.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what will re-ignite the GOP, and the American economy!

How a real newspaper covers a Congressional (Senate) race

It has been amazing to see how a real media outlet covers real controversy in a congressional race, this one for the U.S. Senate.

In Massachusetts, Senator Scott Brown is going to face a tough re-election in the fall as Massachusetts is about as Blue as they come.  There, the democrat heir apparent is Elizabeth Warren, an Obama and DNC favorite to pick up that seat for the democrats.

There's just one little, teeny problem in that march to the January Senate swearing-in.  Elizabeth Warren has a few shall we say, umm, character issues, and a feisty, left-wing democrat primary opponent in Marisa DeFranco.

Now, it would be easy enough for the Boston Herald and other media outlets to watch the coronation of Elizabeth Warren as the democrat nominee and then dutifully cover the fall campaign as a side note to the Presidential race.  That is, of course, what the Cincinnati media would do with such an opportunity.

But in bare-knuckles Boston, the media is actually covering the political race like....a political race, and giving credence, or at least respect, to the underdog Marisa DeFranco's challenge. 

We link just today's stories from the Boston Herald making the race exciting to watch, and fun to read about.  Here, here and here.

  • In Massachusetts, lying about one's heritage is news.  Elizabeth Warren held herself out for years as having Native American heritage, when that heritage is questionable at the very least.  
  • In Massachusetts, lying about breast-feeding is news.  Elizabeth Warren announced that she was the first breast-feeding mother to take the Massachusetts bar exam, when that was not true.  
  • In Massachusetts, dodging additional debates is news.  Elizabeth Warren has been dodging four additional debates on top of two already held with her primary opponent. 

Now we would ask the struggling local media, wouldn't you sell more newspapers, get more listeners, have more viewers, if you covered the exciting and in some cases dirty, messy back and forth of political races like it was really interesting, and enthralling and important?

Just askin'.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's all in the Turnout, but Scott Walker has the lead

Everything has gone according to plan in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker has a 7-point lead, is above 50% and the lead is widening according to the latest poll.

However, the union bosses are angry, motivated and well-funded and claim high absentee votes to date, which they claim favor the attempt to recall the heroic Governor.  And their GOTV machine, and perhaps a fraud machine, will be in hyper-drive to oust Walker.

This race is important for a host of reasons, the least of which is being a bellwether for the fall Presidential election.  Rather, the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election is a referendum on whether America's heartland is willing to embrace the 21st Century economy.  The two coasts, the American northeast and the west coast have said they do not.  Illinois has said it does not.  On the other hand, the south, from North Carolina to Louisiana, have embraced competition.

Now comes the heartland.  Indiana has recently adopted right-to-work legislation.  And Wisconsin will tell the tale of whether that state can truly reform and change from is union-bound ways that are inhibiting its progress.  Ohio is a toss-up.  Senate Bill 5 was a setback for sure, but forces are working in the statehouse for re-enactment of many of its provisions, and there is a right-to-work constitutional amendment working its way to the ballot.

But Wisconsin tells us everything about whether the voters, not just the politicians. are willing to accept the change needed to compete in the global economy.  That's what's at stake next week.

Tea party challenger forces runoff in Texas Senate race

In yet another victory for fiscal restraint, and further proof that the Tea Party is alive and well, voters yesterday in Texas forced Lt. Governor David Dewhurst into a July runoff against Tea Party-backed challenger Ted Cruz. 

Dewhurst was backed by the Republican establishment in Texas, which certainly is conservative.  But the Tea Party wants action in Washington against spending, debt and deficits, and felt Ted Cruz would be more willing to depart from convention and force change in D.C.

Thus, they denied Dewhurst the 50% of the vote needed to avoid a runoff and proceed as the Republican nominee for Senate in November, a virtual coronation in that now firmly-Red state.

The message: voters want conservative change on the fiscal front.   Pay attention Senate President Mitch McConnell.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stadium fund woes continue -- problems soon to be taxpayers'

It is taking more than a decade for the impact to hit Hamilton County taxpayers, but the obscene over-spending on Hamilton County's stadiums, and other non-stadium projects, is being fully realized.

The Enquirer reports here:
Financial rating company Moody’s has downgraded Hamilton County’s sales tax revenue bonds, meaning when the county goes to refinance the bonds that were used to built and maintain the county’s two professional sports stadiums in 2016 it will cost more to borrow money.

The bond rating slipped from A1 to A2, a step-down from its already middling rating.
So, for those who live, work and play in Hamilton County, get ready to pay the price for your elected leaders' iniquity.

Monday, May 28, 2012

This tells it all: Weakest recovery since the Great Depression

We are so used to getting bad news on the economy, it is sometimes difficult to step back and take it all in.

Yet, the reality of the situation is that we are in the weakest recovery in the U.S. since the Great Depression.  Translated, this means that the policies of a centrally run economy of stimulus, bailouts, debt, and spending does not work in the macro sense in lifting us out of our economic morass.

What will work, which Washington refuses to try, is unleashing small businesses to grow unfettered by excessive taxes, regulation and government-subsidized competition.

Read more here.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Enquirer has lost 17% of daily readers since first of the year

It is easy and customary for every alt newspaper and every blogger to take swipes at the major daily newspaper in their town, more out of jealousy than legitimate editorial criticism.  And, indeed, one would have to admit that even today the Cincinnati Enquirer is the "newspaper of record" for everything Cincinnati, metro news, sports and leisure.

Still, COAST earnestly believes that the precipitous slide in readership and "opinion leadership" in our community at the Enquirer could be slowed or even reversed if only they would make an earnest attempt at reporting the news instead of spinning their viewpoint of what's transpiring in the City.  And on their editorial page, actually challenging our leaders instead of taking the role of reliable pom-pom team for the powers that be.

Thus, it was without surprise that we noted the March Audit report of the Audit Bureau of Circulators shows that Enquirer readership has slid to 134,700 daily.  That's down from their 2011 numbers of 161,858 according to numbers compiled by the same organization. 

The best example COAST can provide was its post-election critique of the coverage of the Schmidt/Wenstrup race.  Basically, other than a few pithy "man bites dog" stories, the Enquirer ignored the race entirely.  They failed to run even their standard pre-election synopsis of the race.  Nothing, of course, except this pathetic, inexplicably bad puff piece on Jean Schmidt.  It's so embarrassing, they have never even posted the story on line.

However, more than simply bad reportage, what this story shows is the Enquirer's persistent failure to bring readers cutting-edge news, things they actually want to devour when the "paper" comes in the morning.  This failure is not a result of lack of resources.  After all, they had the reporter time and newsprint space to run this gosh-awful 2-page profile piece that informed the readership of nothing at all.  Rather, it was Carolyn Washburn's (Editor) and Margaret Buchanan's (Publisher) attempt to shore up a sinking ship of a Congressman.  (It did not work.)

But more telling was that during the precise time readership was sinking 17%, and while Tea Parties, COAST, the pro-life community, and others were getting excited enough about Brad Wenstrup to make him (to date) the only non-incumbent in the nation to unseat a sitting House member, the Enquirer found nothing at all newsworthy in the race.

The Enquirer missed story after story after story in this race that has helped define the 2012 primary season nationwide.  This race has now been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street, Journal, the Washington Post, USA Today, National Journal, National Review, and on and on and on.

Still today, the Enquirer is missing story after story that would help them to sell newspapers, if only they understood their readership and cared:
  • They have neglected to tell their readership that Mayor Mallory basically does not have the money to finish the first phase of Streetcar construction, yet the project is underway.  There is a $50 million gap between their own projected costs, and identified funding sources.
  • On the streetcar front, the Cincinnati Business Courier has regularly scooped them on issues relating to the Duke Energy fight, the MSD fight, the diversion of monies slated for road improvements into the streetcar pot and the attempted mis-use of Blue Ash Airport monies.
  • The City has failed to run any projections for revenue or expenses for their $4.4 million venture into the "wedding hall" business (the Atrium project), assuring it will be a failure.
  • They know the "back story" on the Music Hall renovation fiasco, yet refuse to tell their readership.
  • They have failed to explore the  power struggle for control of Queen City Metro, and the City's cash grab of transportation  dollars.
The editorial page is even more pathetic.  What used to serve as the last check and balance, the conscience of the community, now rarely runs any meaningful commentary on community events.  When it does, it is either in the role of cheerleader of the established organs of power, or mouthpiece for Roxanne Qualls at City Hall.  Thus:
  • It has never editorialized about the Jean Schmidt ethics problems at all, except a brief mention when endorsing her.
  • It has never supported or opposed the streetcar.
  • It has never mentioned the wasteful $4.4 million City Hall atrium project.
So, the Enquirer can continue to to its job, and we will do ours.  But we can't help but mention that their seemingly intentional drive towards irrelevance is sad to us.  What used to be a grand paper covering important events responsibly in Cincinnati is now a shadow of its former self.  And its readers have taken note.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wisconsin's Walker scorches Milwaukee Mayor Barrett on wasteful streetcar

Ahhh, it is music to our ears.  First, we have the courageous Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin taking on public employee unions, and seeming to pay a price with a union-led recall effort.

Then, Walker fights back, with vigor, just as President Obama's failed legacy becomes apparent, and the success of Walker's leadership comes to fruition.

Then, the democrats nominate to oppose Walker the failed Milwaukee Mayor Barrett, a Mayor who is pushing a Streetcar much like Cincinnati's funded, with federal funds and local dollars.

Then, Scott Walker hits his opponent Barrett on the wasteful streetcar funding.  It's a thing of beauty!

When the lights go out in the City....

The crisis in Detroit (read here), is a lot like that old Journey song (we are showing our age!).

This is just the start of the bad news for this City that has followed socialist policies, and is harshly suffering the consequences of union excesses.  And no one can really deny that these two causes are at fault.

Washington Post today explores magic of Rob Portman

Honesty, integrity, intelligence, hard work, conservative principles, smart choices, a little luck, and help from his hometown boosters, today the Washington Post has a major feature on the odds-on favorite to become Mitt Romney's choice for V.P.  Story is here.

We heartily endorse.

Ambulance Chasing at its finest

We've all heard the stories of lawyers shamelessly looking for any excuse to sue people.  This story provides a fantastic example of this practice. 

An individual who was texting and driving caused an accident causing both of the people in the other vehicle to lose one leg each.  Nobody disputes that the driver was responsible. 

Now along comes an attorney who is suing the person who SENT the text message for being "electronically present" in the car. 

According to this ambulance chaser, if you send a text message, you are:

1)  Responsible for knowing what the other person is doing at the time you send the text.  Just use your ESP, I suppose.
2)  Responsible if the other party elects to read your text at an unsafe time.  Somehow, you must find a way to force other people to be responsible with their cell phones. 

The judge will decide on Friday whether to force the text sender to stand trial.  Let's hope he does the right thing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In face off between two conservatives, fiscal conservative wins

Across the U.S.A. this year, we have seen, once again, the conservative wing of the GOP triumph over the moderate (and sometimes liberal) wing of the party.

But in Arkansas yesterday, we had the unusual situation of a social conservative backed by Mike Huckabee facing off against a fiscal conservative backed by the Club for Growth and Tea Party groups.

The fiscal conservative won.  By 20 points.  The Hill has it here.

Ron Paul team crashing the Republican Party

Today's NYT has a great story of Paulite success.  Read it here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wyoming City Council subsidizes its own Mahogany's

Wyoming City Council, resembling Cincinnati City Council in both incompetence and unprofessional behavior, approved the final piece of a deal which subsidizes approximately $750,000 in taxpayer cash and property to favored friend Dino DiStasi to bring one single restaurant to town. This 6-1 vote took place at their monthly Council meeting on Monday night.

Combined with the city's Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), Wyoming's government has now voted to give away:

1) A city/CIC-owned property worth $443,000. Given away, not sold.
2) An additional gift of $270,000. Not a loan, a subsidy.
3) A piece of the adjacent city park.  Again - a giveaway, not a sale. 

In return for nearly $800,000 worth of gifts from Wyoming taxpayers, DiStasi promises to build one restaurant that will bring a whopping 25 jobs to town. That's 25 restaurant jobs, most of which are quite low in pay.

Several restaurants have previously been at this location and failed.  The fact that so many prior restaurants have failed here should indicate the lack of demand for another eatery in this spot.  In addition, since this building went vacant in 2008, not a single person has sought to build anything there with their own money. 

Let's recap.  Restaurant owners don't want to be there.  Restaurant consumers aren't supporting anything there.   But the Wyoming City Council/CIC knows better, and to prove it they've given nearly $800,000 of taxpayer resources to their friend to get another restaurant built there. 

If this reminds you of Cincinnati's much-maligned Mahogany's deal, it should. In that deal, Cincinnati City Council voted to give away a grant of $684,000 as well as a $300,000 loan to lure one single restaurant to downtown.  This irresponsible deal generated significant opposition from COAST, Christopher Smitherman, Roxanne Qualls, and many others.

These kind of crony deals are good examples of elected officials serving their donors, friends, and special interests instead of their constituents.  Does anyone believe there is a shortage of restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati area?  In reality, the restaurant industry is oversaturated.  Restaurants have a high failure rate and come and go frequently.  No rational person would spend $1.8 million of limited taxpayer resources just to lure two restaurants to town instead of spending that money to serve their residents.  But that's exactly what Cincinnati and Wyoming Councils just did.

Voting 'Yes' were Councilmen Barry Porter, Lynn Crider, Will Papa, Pamela Kamm, McCauley, and Jim O'Reilly.  The lone 'No' vote was Vicky Zwissler.  Also of note is the membership of the Community Improvement Corporation, the inept group that spearheaded this project:  Al Delgado (Chair), Chris Harmon (Vice-Chair and Economic Development Commission representative), Jon B. Boss (Secretary and Planning Commission representative), Tim Cavanaugh (Treasurer), Fred Robbins, Lynn Crider (Vice Mayor), Barry Porter (Mayor). Frank Klaine (City Solicitor) and Lynn Tetley (City Manager), staff representative. This is a group of people you don't want anywhere near your money. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

How socialist countries modernize

Watching the speed-of-light daily revolution in technology in our lives, one wonders how "progress" would take hold if a centralized government were in charge of technology.  (Of course, D.C. "planners" do try valiantly to take hold of every aspect of our lives, including galloping tech advances.)

Well, look no further than Cuba to see how hard it is to get high-speed internet service to the island, something that has reached every other corner of the western world. 

NY Times has it here.

It is utterly amazing what people will endure in the name of socialism.  This is, of course, the creeping, crawling encroachment that we have invited into our lives with leaders both Republican and Democrat.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The orderly becomes disorderly; what once was "easy" now seems impossible

We call it the "spiral of death," a "descent into socialism," the "devolution of society."

When we abandon tried and true principles of self-reliance and free markets, and change our mindset to cradle-to-grave reliance on government nanny-ism for, well, everything, then every gear in our engine of progress gets sheared, gummed up and worn out.

We turn to one another looking for the next government solution to the next government-caused problem, and gnash our teeth that solutions seem not to be achievable.

Thus, it is with sadness we read this morning that the already dismal state of public education continues to deteriorate: The Ohio High School dropout rate is up nearly 25% and half of Florida High Schoolers failed their reading test.

Still, it was refreshing to see that today's Enquirer details Diana Frey's use of her moneys stolen from public employee unions, here.  At least someone seemed to be having a good time with those tax dollars!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Congratulations Cornhusker COASTer Bill Kintner

Tonight one of the COAST’s very own achieved personal political success as he finished in the top two in his race for the Nebraska State Legislature.  Nebraska has a non-partisan primary, the top two finishers  move on to the November general election.

Bill Kintner has been a reliable voice for limited government since even before he helped start the Blue Chip Young Republicans.  While none of us are as young as we used to be, Bill is still Blue Chip all the way.

You can learn more about Bill here.

Congratulations Bill.  We are confident when we say Nebraska politics will never be the same!

Hey! Boehner Demands Spending Cuts for Any Debt Limit Increase

Bloomberg has it here.

And it did not take long for Harry Reid to respond at Town Hall here

Crazy Council can't do math

They are charged with the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars confiscated from the toils of Cincinnati taxpayers -- the same Cincinnati taxpayers they claim to want to help when they run for reelection.

And even funnier, they claim servitude to City employees when running for election, municipal labor unions that fund their campaigns.

Now, when faced with reining in their excessive spending or actually funding the pensions and health benefits of City employees, the bat shit crazy Council is unable to make even the 2012 contribution to the pension plan to prevent it from going further in the red.

Yes, while they have $4.4 million to put a glass lid on City Hall, and $110 million to sink into a Streetcar no one wants, they can't fund their City pensions.

Christopher Smitherman is the only voice if fiscal sanity on Council; Lord this is a pathetic bunch! 

Gosh, this is funny watching them squirm!

Read it in the Enquirer here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

One stupid capital project is never enough....

It is an axiom as true as the ages, once is never enough.

It's not enough for this bat shit crazy Council to fund the $110 million wasteful streetcar and it's not enough for  them to waste money on the $40 million wasteful Riverfront Transit Center. 

Now they are indeed moving forward with the $4.4 million project to install a glass atrium over a portion of City Hall.  The Enquirer's blog has it here.

As COAST previously reported, City Hall has no cost estimates for heating this space, lighting this space, clearing this space, managing and renting it out, breaking it down and setting it up for events.  They also have no income projections on how much revenue will be derived from the atrium.  Thus, the City has no clue as to what the return on the $4.4 million estimate will be.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Council you have elected. 

Heading for a Cliff?? Hit the Gas!

The Enquirer is reporting that the City Hall Atrium project will be moved up to be completed this year.  In order to find the money for this, City Manager Donohue intends to put off repairs to elevators among other things.

Every time we think our city fathers are running out of bad ideas, they double down on stupid.

The Enquirer has the story here.

The price of debt

When it hits, as with the housing crisis, the consequences of in-over-your-head debt are cataclysmic, and almost impossible to ameliorate. 

The WaPo tells us here the practical fallout from Spain's debt crisis.

Slowly, inexorably, painfully, we are descending into the crisis that consumed Greece, and is vexing Spain, Italy, Ireland, and, indeed, the entire European continent.

Our leaders see it, but seem incapable of addressing the problem.  Let's help them with more Tea Party Senators!

Loathsome Arlen Specter pens biography attacking Tea Party

We are pleased Tea Party gets credit for end to his career that contributed to bankruptcy of America.  We are so glad this unprincipled idiot is gone.  Roll Call has it here.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

City issues Streetcar bonds

In Saturday's Enquirer was the following notice:
5th3rd Securities is issuing the following municipal bonds starting 5/21/12.
$46,155,000 Various Purpose General Obligation Bonds (A)
$10,000,000 Various Purpose General Obligation Bonds (B)
$13,665,000 Various Purpose General Obligation Bonds (C)
$13,955,000 Economic Development Revenue Refunding Bonds (D) 
For a prospectus, you can call Dan Impellizzeri at 513-534-0054 or 1-800-742-8033.

The $46 million is the streetcar bonds (the first installment) that we have been anticipating.  About $15 million of hat is already spent.

So, yes, the Bat Shit Crazy Council is continuing the insanity.  And Cincinnati voters, taxpayers, you get to pay the price for their foolishness.

Senate President McConnell under pressure from conservatives

In a welcome development, this morning's NYT has a good piece on the pressure from his right that Senator McConnell is experiencing.  It's time for a change, Senator.  Either you can be a part of it, or you can be a victim of it.

It's your choice, but the status quo of compromise and quid pro quo is no longer acceptable.

Governor Moonbeam drives CA into $16 B hole

The "solutions" of Jerry Brown, higher taxes and more spending, for California, aren't working. Now, budget officials project a $16 B (that's with a "b") deficit this year for CA.

In the midst of this, the Governor and the legislature, along with Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation, are pushing to build a estimated $35 B high-speed rail project that is projected to run annual deficits of more than $2 B.  Freaking brilliant!

Maybe a different approach?

Here's one more reason to dump Orrin Hatch

Ummmm, traitor and liberal Arlen Specter asks Utah voters to keep him!   The Daily Caller has it here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Smiley face this morning

Photo from the Examiner of Portman-Wenstrup political tour in Mt. Orab.

Everything is as it should be!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

National Review: Young Guns Super PAC and Cantor under fire for helping Lugar

National Review has a balanced piece here.  Pretty clearly it was a dumb thing to do.

Eric Cantor has made his bed; now let him sleep in it.

Update: The Weekly Standard reports that in the closing days of the election Lugar ran an attack against Mourdock for, of all things, supporting the Ryan Budget plan.  You know the budget plan put forth by Paul Ryan, one of the founders of the Young Guns!  Young Guns PAC really can pick 'em!

Campaign for Primary Accountability on CBS -- these guys are awesome!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our favorite Super PAC considers targeting corrupt Rangel

We suspect they are opportunistic feeders, rather than intentionally targeting corrupt members of the US Congress, but our favorite Super PAC, Campaign for Primary Accountability, has announced that it is close to entering the contest to unseat Charlie Rangel who was censured by the United States House of Representatives in December of 2010. 

Either way, it's OK with us!

The Hill has it here.

This would follow, of course their role in the March defeat of Representative Jean Schmidt, who was named by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) as one of 14 "most corrupt" in Congress.

WaPo: Yet another political obituary for Dick Lugar

It's the latest of many in a series of obituaries for US Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana.  Tuesday is election day, and hopefully the end of the line for the hopelessly liberal "Republican." 

Please call every friend, co-worker, relative or acquaintance and ask them to put a stake in his political heart tomorrow.  Please. 

Christopher Smitherman to speak at Cincinnati East Tea Party May 14

COAST has enjoyed a fruitful and trusting relationship with Christopher Smitherman and the NAACP for five years.  Thus, we are pleased to see him speak to the Cincinnati East Tea Party next Monday May 14, at 6:30 PM at the Oakley Community Center in the Hyde Park Plaza shopping center on City budget issues.

Howard Wilkinson and WVXU have the story here.

This is very unfortunate. We pass it along.

Dick Lugar's political twilight?

Politico has it here.

Gonna miss the ol' guy!

I thought we told them "no"?

As we have told you, these folks never go away.  Museum Center Tax, Cultural Tax.  County Commissioners have told them "no," you will not get to the ballot.  But once again, they're baaaack!

The Enquirer has it here.

And this time, they are plotting the timing of their ballot appearance.

Are they planning a petition drive to get around the Commissioners?  Have a majority of Commissions changed their minds?  Of course, the lazy or uninformed reporter fails to even address the issue, as if the prior rejection by the Commissioners either never happened or was irrelevant to the matter.

Ahhh, let the debate begin!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Michelle Malkin signs the petition demanding a balanced budget!

COASTer Nita Thomas snags the signature of Fox News commentator and editorial writer Michelle Malkin at the Mourdock for Senate rally in Indy Saturday.

You can sign the petition too, here:  Also, tell your friends!

Local CPA, independent of COAST, studies Streetcar and concludes $50 M funding gap

Last week, COAST was approach by a local CPA and corporate CFO who had taken his time to study the City's streetcar proposal and financing scheme.  He spent the better part of the first quarter of 2012 researching the plan and its financing, and made a starting conclusion:

The City has commenced construction of the project 
with a gap in the financing of some $50 million.

He has written a series of letter to Mayor Mallory and the Council, to which he received only a few pithy responses.  The Mayor and City Manager won't respond at all.

So, we hate to say "we told you so," but this Council and Mayor are Bat Shit Crazy, and this plan is doomed to fail (i.e., require endless unannounced taxpayer subsidies to be built and operated).

You can read this expert's work here, here, here, here, and here.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

COASTers join Mourdock rally in Indy

COASTers (left to right) Dan Regenold, 
Kim Grant and Mike Harlow 
rally for Richard Mourdock Saturday in Indy

In the midst of nothing but good news in the closing days of the Mourdock for Senate race, about a dozen COASTers and Tea Partiers caravaned to Indianapolis Saturday to join hundreds of Richard Mourdock supporters and Michelle Malkin in a pre-election rally, followed by a canvass of Republican areas.

In other Mourdock good news, this piece ran Thursday in the Washington Times, telling us the Lugar campaign "smells of death."

Friday, May 4, 2012

Under Kasich, Ohio's business environment improved

According to, Ohio now ranks 35th best state in the nation in which to conduct business.  That's horrible, no doubt, but up 6 spots in just a year!

A party that can cleanse itself is a healthy, vibrant, successful party

In the same way a healthy human being is able to fight off disease, and re-grow strength, rehabilitate, and re-energize after an injury, the sign of strength of a political party is its ability to cleanse itself of weak, corrupt and out-of-step elected officials and other leaders.

This year, we have seen the health of the Republican Party in Cincinnati, in Ohio and in the region with:

  • The stunning March defeat of Representative Jean Schmidt, a pox on the GOP at home and in D.C., our "most corrupt" representative.
  • The rejection and replacement of Kevin DeWine as Ohjo GOP Chairman.
  • And now, the coming defeat Tuesday of Senator Dick Lugar in Indiana.
  • We can only hope that in June, Utah voters are equally principled and informed in replacing Orrin Hatch.
So, yes, we get discouraged from time to time.  But there is no question that conservative in Ohio and Indiana are on the march, and able to fight entrenched incumbents from their power perch, and replacement those "diseased" units with quality personnel.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you grow a healthy, vibrant, successful party.

New poll has Lugar down 10, at 38!

As COASTers prepare to head to Indy tomorrow for the Michelle Malkin rally and then canvassing for Richard Mourdock, a new poll shows the Lugar campaign crumbling, now at 38% to Mourdock's 48%.

Great news!  We are counting on a big party in Indy Tuesday night for our Hoosier friends!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mourdock/Lugar Indiana Senate Race Media Wrap

Here's the update on media stories on the Richard Mourdock/Dick Lugar Senate race one week away in Indiana:

  • A pro-labor group commissioned a poll by Magellan Strategies that shows Lugar clinging to a 2 point lead, 44% to 42%, but note that when an incumbent is below 50%, they are in serious trouble.  Read it here.
  • That same poll shows that Mourdock commands a 42% lead among self-proclaimed Tea Partiers and a four-point lead among voters calling themselves "conservative."
  • Mourdock received the endorsement of Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform after Lugar refused to sign the ATR pledge.
  • Mourdock received the endorsement of Michelle Bachmann.
So, the net is strong momentum in favor of Mourdock.  Only one week of Lugar left!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Kentucky's 4th Congressional District, Liberty groups back Thomas Massie

COAST has been largely silent on the 4th Congressional District race in Kentucky, which includes northern Kentucky.  That district has been ably and honorably represented by Geoff Davis for eight years, and Davis decide to return home for his family and business concerns, leaving Congress at the end of this term.

However, today we noted that Club for Growth PAC has endorsed Thomas Massie for that seat, joining Congressman and COAST hero Ron Paul and the Louisville Tea Party.

There are other conservatives in the race, and we understand that Geoff Davis has endorsed one of the other candidates, but it appears to COAST that liberty groups are massing behind Massie, and that's something of which to take note.

The Hill has it: Mourdock is confident of win over Lugar

A confident, but not cocky, Richard Mourdock says his fight to unseat Dick Lugar is in the final stages, and he is working hard through the final days of the contest.  Read it here in The Hill.

COASTers are caravanning with Tea Parties up to Indy Saturday to help Mourdock. If you want to participate, contact Gena Bell or Jeff Capell.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

COASTers rally for Mourdock

This Saturday, COASTers and Tea Partiers are caravaning to Indianapolis to rally on behalf of Richard Mourdock for the United States Senate, and against Dick Lugar.   You are invited to join the group for this exciting trip for liberty.   Here are the details:
May 5, 2012
Veterans Memorial Plaza 
50 East Michigan Street 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
12:30pm - 2:00 pm 
Get Out the Vote Canvass 2:00pm - 6:00pm 

Contact Gena Bell or Jeff Capell to join up for the caravan!

Roll Call writes Dick Lugar political obituary

They have it here, and blame it all on Lugar and his inept team.

But we thank Dick Lugar for standing as the symbol of 2012 that the Tea Party is alive and well, and for the consequence of decades of apostasy.

Fortunately for him, The Hill reports he will have no problem landing a cushy K Street gig.

Read these two stories to have a clear picture of where this race is heading.  They leave no doubt.

By the way, COASTers are caravaning to Indy Saturday for a big Mourdock rally featuring Michelle Malkin.  If anyone wants to go, e-mail Kim Grant at and she'll get you plugged in!

Happy May Day everyone!

Please know that as Occupiers are in the streets, in the Congress and in the White House seeking to obstruct everything they can in the national economy, meddle in our affairs, and tax us for their socialist schemes, we are hard at work today paying their bills, and providing for our families.