Sunday, March 24, 2013

A very big two weeks ahead for COAST

COAST has a big two weeks before us.

1) By next Wednesday, and possibly earlier, we will have a decision on the permanent injunction on whether the petitioners will be allowed to referendum the issue.  (Note, regardless of how Judge Winkler rules, we intend to submit our petitions and the deadline is the third, so we have to get these petitions fired up!)

2) Judge Steve Martin is reviewing, "in camera" (meaning that the Judge sees them for now), the e-mails to and from the personal e-mail accounts of CPS personnel as they plotted the use of school resources.  We expect him to decide by next Friday which of those e-mails must be turned over in this case.

3) We MUST finish the Parking Plot petition drive by next Monday.  We need all COASTers to weigh in to help on this important effort.

So, we expect progress on a number of fronts this week.  We are calling on all COASTers to help out.

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