Monday, March 11, 2013

Once again, a broad coalition is formed for progress in Cincinnati

Led by the NAACP and Christopher Smitherman, once again COAST has joined in a broad coalition for progress in Cincinnati.

This time, Community Councils like Northside Community Council, the Clifton Town Meeting, the Oakley Community Council, and the Price Hill Community Council have joined the NAACP and COAST in a broad coalition to repeal the disastrous parking plan foisted upon Cincinnati voters by Roxanne Qualls and the five sycophants, Seelbach, Quinlivan, Thomas, Simpson and Young.

Previous efforts led by COAST and the NAACP that have been successful have prevented the sale of Cincinnati's Water Works, banned a trash tax, stopped red light and speeding cameras, and slammed the brakes in the Super-Sized Jail Tax.  Now, that's what we call progress!

[By the way, media characterizations that this effort is led by COAST are an overstatement.  We are glad to help, but others like the NAACP and Pete Witte are leading this fight.]

Behold the power of left-right, black-white, east-west coalitions against the worst policies this Council can attempt to jam down our throats.

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