Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Petitions are Available

The Coalition fighting the Parking Plot is currently circulating petitions. Only residents of the City of Cincinnati can sign.

Petitions are available to sign:

in Hyde Park above Indigo's at 2637 Erie Avenue suite 201. Petitions are available through 5 pm.

in Price Hill at Baron Engraving 4131 Glenway Ave.

in Mt. Washington Salem Hardware 6401 Salem Road Cincinnati, OH 45230

More locations to follow.

Call Pete Witte for more information: 513-400-5621.


  1. How about posting with a time and date the numbers for the total signatures received to date on the petitions?

  2. The first turn-in and count will be Thursday night; numbers should be released Friday morning to coincide with the hearing before Judge Winkler. We really don't have a good count yet as petitions are presently still going out the door. Our best guess of collected to date: 2,000-3,000, but we really have no idea.

    The early reports are that a larger-than-expected number of petitions are going out the door, and signers are especially enthusiastic, compared with prior drives.

    We are at present optimistic that this effort will easily achieve ballot access.


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