Saturday, March 30, 2013

Drive-thru petition signing today in Mt. Lookout Square

Drive thru  

Today is our biggest day yet in the petition drive to place before the voters the Parking Plot foisted upon us by the City Council.  And indeed it must be as we need thousands upon thousands of signatures to successfully place this issue before the voters.  
Fortunately, COAST volunteers, thanks to our rights brought to you by the First Amendment, are having a creative and fun way of making this easy for you.  

Please come to Mt. Lookout Square from 9 AM to 5 PM today to sign the petition.  Right from your car, you can drive through the center of the Square, meet our cheerful, honest and knowledgeable petitioners, and sign the Parking Plot referendum petition.
Come on by and help us make our numbers.  Send family, friends, and relatives.  Spread the word and work that cell phone.

We need numbers today -- big numbers.  Stop on by and lend a hand!   


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