Sunday, March 24, 2013

The home stretch

The Parking petitions are due next Monday Tuesday, April 2.  (Sorry, was looking at calendar for wrong month.) 

Thus, we are in the final, final stretch of this petition drive for a referendum to claim (reclaim) our City from the greedy investment bankers from New York City, and really from the utterly irresponsible City Council who has forced us into a position of mortgaging our future in this way, rather than addressing head-on our City's budgetary problems.

We hope to have a new petition count by night, but we know WE NEED HELP to finish this drive.

1)  Cash.  For every $2 donated, we will turn that into a good signature.  $5,000 in cash would finish off this drive.

2)  Time.  We need petition gatherers working hours in good locations.  We have the petitions; we have the locations.  Each volunteer hour nets between 35 and 50 signatures.  It's pretty much a straight-line equation of hours to results.  Can we count on you for four hours this week, 100 signatures?

3) Spread the word.  Liberty is not free; it comes at the price of eternal vigilance, and this petition to prevent a catastrophic decision from our Council is part of that vigilance.  ANY OHIO RESIDENT can circulate a petition.  Please spread the word to City residents and Tea Parties throughout the region.

We are not over-stating the need; it is critical and it is urgent.  We need several thousand signatures to finish this drive strong.

Please let us know how you can help. Call Tom Brinkman, Jr., 237-4054, to learn how you can help.

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