Tuesday, March 12, 2013

They all focus on who gets how much revenue

It's interesting, as in this WCPO profile on the sleazy, predatory Parking Lease approved by a majority of the Council and Chris Seelbach, that the bureaucrats, businessmen and media always focus on whether Cincinnati is going to get its fair share of the booty (it is not) and how much the venture capitalists are reap from the illicit harvest, but what they all seem to miss is that someone has to pay these monies to get the revenue into the system to begin with.

And that someone is you, you schlep, the hardworking taxpayers, laborers, artisans, tradesmen and professionals of Cincinnati.  Yes, you are the object of this massive con game, extortion scheme to take a half billion dollars and divide it up among rapacious bureaucrats and politicians who can't balance their own budgets, and greedy New York capitalists who should stick to predatory banking and off-shore tax schemes to make their money.

Yes, you, the very folks these politicians claim to want to "help" with their social services and their refusal to reform City Hall, your pocket will be picked.  Your bank account will be raided.  You will be gouged at the parking meter.  You will be harassed and harangued with tickets.  You will have your credit report diminished.  You will have your car confiscated with a "boot."  You, objects of their fraudulent schemes.  Suckers. 

And we will, one at a time, choose to live, shop, work and play elsewhere.  And the City will die.   

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