Friday, November 30, 2012

CPS files Answer to COAST Complaint

CPS attorneys seem to have taken a page out of the CFT playbook; demanding a right for public employees to use public resource for their political advocacy.

Sadly, we are never surprised when "public servants" demand to be the masters of the taxpayers.  No doubt in fifty years, there will be television docudramas about the "Upstairs/Downstairs" nature of the taxpayers' coexistence with their nominal servants.  Spoiler alert: it won't have a happy ending.

Read CPS' answer to our complaint below.

COAST v CPS Answer

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Smitherman re-elected to lead Cincinnati NAACP

COAST is pleased to report that Cincinnati City Council member Christopher Smitherman has been re-elected to a two-year term as President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP.

Under Smitherman's leadership, COAST has enjoyed a series of issue-based left-right partnerships to advance common sense and fiscal restraint.  These issues have included opposition to the Super-sized Jail Tax, stopping Red Light and Speeding cameras in the City of Cincinnati, stopping the sale of Cincinnati's waterworks -- to the taxpayers who already own it, and stopping a Cincinnati trash tax.

"Each of these ideas originated with Chris Smitherman," said COAST Chairman Tom Brinkman.  "His innovation, creativity, energy and organizational talent has advanced a fiscally responsible agenda for Cincinnati and Hamilton County.  COAST is enormously proud of its partnership on these and other issues with the NAACP."

Liberal democrats and labor unions organized to hijack the NAACP leadership from its traditional members by packing membership rolls with their partisans.  At Tuesday's election, long-time members turned out in record numbers to stand behind Smitherman and reject the attempted outside takeover.

In addition to his ground-breaking leadership at the NAACP, as member of City Council, Smitherman has become the leading voice for fiscal restraint on the City pension, the Streetcar, and the structurally imbalanced budget.  Smitherman has spoken forcefully and intelligently about the disastrous path the City has taken.

Smitherman has thoughtfully combined this common sense leadership with fidelity to traditional civil rights concerns at the NAACP such as minority hiring and contracting and voting rights.  Smitherman has encouraged and, indeed, forced groundbreaking progress on minority contracting by Cincinnati Public Schools and the City of Cincinnati.

COAST congratulates Christopher Smitherman and the NAACP on this important and bold step of returning Smitherman for another two-year term.

There is still time to comment on Cincinnati's Streetcar Tax

As we first reported here, the Ohio Public Utilities Commission is currently considering a proposal by Duke Energy to allow Cincinnati City Council to add a surcharge for the Cincinnati Streetcar.  Public Comments are being accepted.

The PUCO staff report is expected next week.   Already hundreds of concerned citizens have weighed in to oppose this hidden tax.  Make sure your voice is heard as well.  You can use this sample email link  as a template.  Or use PUCO's online comment form to let them know you don't want to pay for a Streetcar on your Electric Bill. Include reference Case 12-1682-EL-AIR in your comment.

Review the whole PUCO case file here.

COAST will continue to follow this case and keep you updated.

Let Senator Portman Know You Stand with Him against Tax Hikes

As Congress and the White House negotiate solutions to avoid the fiscal cliff it is important to note the important role Ohio's Rob Portman will play.

Senator Portman is deeply involved in budget matters; having served as member of the House Ways and Means Committee, as the head of the Office of Management and Budget (holding the distinction as the last OMB to propose a balanced budget), and currently as a member of the Senate Budget Committee.  

Senator Portman has a long history of steadfast commitment to fiscal responsibility, but faces a steady drumbeat from within Washington and the media to raise taxes and ignore the root causes of our budget imbalance - overspending.  We know and trust Senator Portman as a voice for responsibility.

Beyond the looming fiscal cliff, President Obama is now calling for another round of "stimulus" spending - to follow up on the first two failed rounds of "Quantitative Easing."  Read about that here.

Please contact Senator Portman today and encourage him to stand firm in his no tax-hike position.  His constituent contact page is here.  Or call his Cincinnati office at (513) 684-3265.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update - Teachers Union Seeking to use Public Resources for Campaigning

As we reported earlier, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers seeks to intervene in our lawsuit against CPS, arguing that teachers have a Constitutional Right to use public school resources to further their political agenda.

Today's Enquirer covers the story as well.  COAST attorney Chris Finney is quoted "It's outrageous the position they're [CFT] taking." Read the entire article below.
Teachers Union Seeks Right to Campaign Using School Resources

Update: Cincinnati Enquirer now has the story on their website.  Click here to read and comment.

Dohoney Reveals Budget

Relies on One Time Revenue
Tax Increases and Cuts to Services
Paving the way for even more tax increases!

The wait is over.  Mayor Mallory's final budget has been released. Available for review below.

Among the "Biggies" in the budget is the proposal to lease the City's parking operations for thirty years.  City Manager Dohoney promises this will raise at least $40 Million up front.  Of this promised $40 Million, $21 Million will be used to plug the 2013 Deficit.

Another $11.6 Million from the "2012 General Fund carryover balance" comes from "one-time sources."  Of course, this begs the question, where will the city find that $32.6 Million for the 2014 budget?  Gee, what would we expect a newly elected City Council sitting on a four year term to do to plug that giant budget hole???

But enough about future tax increases.  Let's talk about the tax increases coming in this budget:

The budget proposes eliminating the property tax rollback, resulting in a 32% increase in City Property taxes.

Live in the City but work outside the city?  Say goodbye to the Municipal Income Tax Reciprocity.  For instance, if you live in the city but work in Blue Ash, you will be paying 3.35% in Municipal income tax.  Aren't you thrilled with the leadership of our fair city?

And how about cuts to services?

Own a business in the city or live in one of those wonderful new apartments at the Banks?  Or in any apartment building with more than 5 apartments?  Guess what?  The City won't be collecting your garbage anymore!  Guess what else? Your rent will be going up to pay for garbage collection.  But don't worry, the City expects to collect a new "solid waste collection fee" of 10% of gross revenues from the people you pay to collect your garbage.  We have to ask this: if you get paid to pick up garbage, aren't all your revenues gross? But seriously, who do you think will be paying that 10% gross revenue fee?  If you said the consumer, go to the head of the class - of course, you might just be leaving the City entirely!

Also cut:
Media Bridges funding is eliminated, as are Arts Grants and the Downtown and Neighborhood Gateways Program.

Feel like staring into the abyss yourself?  Read the whole thing here:

Cincinnati Budget 2013

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Teachers Union Seeks to Intervene in CPS Lawsuit

The Cincinnati Federation of Teachers has filed a motion in the latest COAST/Cincinnati Public Schools litigation seeking to establish a right in public employees to campaign while on the job and while on public property.  A 2002 Agreement between CPS and COAST prohibits that misuse of public resources.  The latest legal maneuver by the CFT seeks to have portions of that Agreement declared unconstitutional.

As COAST reported here, for the third time in a decade, COAST sued CPS in October for campaigning using tax dollars.  The most recent suit arose from the 2012 CPS tax levy campaign in which volunteers were recruited through the schools and donations were funneled through the Superintendent's office, all using taxpayer resources.

The latest suit seeks to enforce a 2002 settlement agreement arising from the use of schoolyards to post pro-levy signs.  In 2010, COAST sued under that same agreement when it learned CPS was busing Hughes High School Students to the Board of Elections for early voting (during the school day), instructing them to vote the Democrat Party ticket, and then rewarding them with Graeters ice cream afterwards.

The 2012 suit was filed because, as a result of public records obtained by COAST; and other information provided to COAST, CPS was again caught red-handed using tax dollars for campaign purposes -- something that is both illegal and a violation of the 2002 Agreement.

Last week, the CFT filed its lengthy motion to intervene as a party in the in the COAST/CPS litigation seeking to have portions of the 2002 Agreement declared void because it allegedly violates the "right" of CPS employees to campaign either while on public time or on CPS property.  It is those two things that the 2002 Agreement expressly prohibits.

COASTers may recall that in 2011, it sued Council member Luare Quinlivan for her illegal use of public employees and public property in her Council office to run her Cincinnati City Council campaign.  In that litigation, Quinlivan amazingly sued the City in an effort to establish a constitutional right for her to abuse public resources to advance her own campaign.  That suit is remarkably similar to the latest CFT motion.  Ultimately, she settled by accepting a permanent injunction against such illegal conduct, dismissing her action and reimbursing the City for her use of public resources.

"We obviously have hit a nerve," said COAST Chairman Tom Brinkman.  "Demo-Labor establishment has a long history in misusing taxpayer resources to campaign for liberal democrats and higher taxes.  COAST has employed broad political, media and legal strategies to expose and stop this abuse of tax dollars.  The fact that CFT is fighting so hard to maintain this illegal privilege is testimony to the need of COAST to be vigilant on all fronts against this pernicious conduct."

The COAST/CPS litigation is in front of Judge Steve Martin.  He also will hear the CFT Motion to intervene.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Two Great WSJ pieces

Today's online Wall Street Journal has two great pieces that together describe what is likely to occur in the coming months in dealing with the "fiscal cliff."

First is an interview with Grover Norquist, here.  Second is piece by Holman Jenkins detailing the urgency of entitlement reform, on both the federal and state level.  Read that here.

We at COAST believe that it is all but certain that the nation will go over the cliff on January 1.  the question becomes what will be done in response.

If you're scoring at home, any politician who calls for "taxing the rich" to solve our nation's fiscal problems and doesn't embrace the cause of serious entitlement reform is simply not a serious person.

Friday, November 23, 2012

How to avoid being outfoxed by Obama and the democrats

The "occupiers" at the White House and in Congress think that not only have they won the election, but they also hold the key to unlocking their wet dream of public policy -- higher taxes so they can continue their spending binge.

Here's how their nefarious plan will play out.  First, they blame Republicans for failing to reach a deal before year's end on the "Fiscal Cliff" negotiations.  Thus, in January the largest tax hike ever takes place, an income tax increase for all Americans.

Then, Harry Reid brings to a vote in the U.S. Senate a tax cut for "middle income" Americans.  Their plan: then accuse House Republicans of forcing a tax increase for their failure to vote for this seemingly reasonable measure.

But we encourage Speaker John Boehner not to fall for it.  The House GOP should renew the lower tax rates for all Americans, and pass meaningful spending cuts as well.

The reality is that the American economy is in a fragile state.  A tax hike on small business owners, investors, and job creators, would be at precisely the wrong time.  It would plunge America into a deeper recession or a more prolonged, slow recovery.  That is both bad politics and bad policy.

If the democrats want a tax hike, then let them own it.  Have no part in it.

They can account to the taxpayers for the consequences of growing the unproductive part of the economy at the expense of the productive portion, but conservatives should not share in this bad policy or the blame that will come from it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CATO scores Governors. Kasich gets a Solid B

CATO Institute released its most recent Fiscal Policy Report Card of America's Governors.  Ohio's John Kasich comes in with a solid B.

Kasich tied with New Jersey's Chris Christie and one point above Wisconsin's Scott Walker.  Mike Pence (Indiana) also received a B, while Kentucky's Steve Beshear received a D.

From the report: "Governor Kasich has held state spending down the last two years, and he has pursued a variety of tax reforms. In 2011 he signed a repeal of the Ohio estate tax, which had been one of the most onerous estate taxes in the nation."

Read the report below or download the pdf here.

Fiscal Report Card on America's Governors: 2012, Cato White Paper No. 35

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Read John Kasich's Obamacare Letter

Ohio Governor John Kasich has released his letter declining to establish an Obamacare Insurance Exchange.  Read it below:
Kasich Letter Declining to Establish Insurance Exchange

Read more about Ohio's response to Obamacare here.

Kettering Voters 2, Council 0

Good news in the fight for liberty and limited government

Grass roots activist group, Citizens for a Better Kettering, conducted an initiative petition drive and election campaign that resulted in voters handily approving two charter amendments on Nov 6.  We achieved this despite a fierce opposition campaign that appears to have been orchestrated by disgruntled Council members.

One charter amendment limits the number of consecutive terms that a person may serve on Council, so as to in sure a more regular infusion of new citizen leadership. 

The other charter amendment reforms Council pay practices by:

1:  cutting Council pay in half after the current terms are over to bring pay in-line with other large suburbs
2:  banning the Council from raising its pay within a current term
3:  making pay raises visible 
4:  improving disclosure of pay

Incidentally, these issues received high levels of approval from Democrat leaning precincts.  This was a bi-partisan win.

COAST legal counsel Chris Finney provided assistance in drafting the legal text of the amendments and successfully represented Citizens for a Better Kettering in Federal court to protect their right to petition the government.

Learn more about Citizens for a Better Kettering here.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mary Taylor Explains Kasich Decision Against State Run Insurance Exchange

Lt. Governor Mary Taylor released the below video explaining Governor Kasich's decision to not participate in the Obamacare Insurance Exchange program.

We are thrilled to share this video with you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gov. Kasich opts of out ObamaCare

 Ohio tells Obama and Sebelius it elects not to participate   

COAST is pleased to announce that Governor John Kasich today wrote to the Obama administration to announce that Ohio would not operate a federally-mandated health insurance exchange, but rather chose to relinquish that responsibility to the federal government. 

Conservative attorneys cheered the Kasich decision, including Ohio's Maurice Thompson from the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law:  "We are pleased that the Kasich Administration heeded the clear effect of the Health Care Freedom Amendment (passed in 2011), which prohibited Ohio from enacting a state based Obamacare exchange."

In addition to opting out of the Orwellian federal health insurance exchange, Kasich also (i) refused to relinquish to the federal government the right to regulate its insurance market and (ii) turn over to the federal government the right to determine Medicaid and Children's Health insurance Plan (CHIP) eligibility.   

As this analysis from the 1851 Center shows, all three decisions were the right choice to continue the nationwide resistance to ObamaCare and ensure continued (as much as is possible) local and individual control of health insurance policy and decisions.

Today marks a deadline established by the Obama administration for States to make certain elections under ObamaCare. 

COAST thanks Governor Kasich for making the correct decisions on these issues.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Mayor Mallory's final budget is coming -- going to be fun to watch!

The last budget cycle of Mayor Mallory's disastrous 8-year reign is coming any day now.  And it looks to be a whopper. 

As the City has limped forward year after year with structurally imbalanced budgets, and has robbed Peter (the general fund) to pay Paul (the Streetcar), it is inevitable that there will be either significant cutbacks in Cincinnati's critical public safety budget (police and fire layoffs), significant reduction of other core services (trash and snow plowing layoffs), significant tax and fee increases, or a combination of the foregoing (we bet on the combination).

In case any of our fair readers have any delusions that this Council will address these challenges responsibly, remember this is the group that voted to approve the $4.4 million glass atrium atop City Hall, the gang that has persistently under-funded the City pension, and the cabal that insists on proceeding with a $125 million Streetcar project the City can't afford.

Well, we intend to rock back on our heels, laugh at the voters that put these jokers in office, and say "we told ya so."  Gosh this is going to be fun to watch.

Obamacare job layoffs starting to be detailed

Today's Wash Times has a partial list of the known layoffs coming as ObamaCare is implemented, as a direct result of ObamaCare.

Hope, change and progress.  What more can you ask for?

This pretty much says it all

Sunday, November 11, 2012

America brought to its knees

It will take some time to digest what the reelection of President Barack Obama and the failure of conservatives to make headway in re-taking the U.S. Senate really means.

At the outset of this election, a friend said he was frightened that nearly half of Americans supported Barack Obama's reelection.  The notion that our country was so far gone that nearly half of the populace thought his policies were the right direction for the nation was disheartening.

As we ponder the meaning of this election failure, it seems first that America has faced great challenges before and somehow the populace has found a workable solution, so perhaps adopting an apocalyptic approach is unnecessary. After all, our friends in Europe have endured plagues and two world wars, and the society stands today.

But three thoughts stand out from these results:
  • We are in the position we find ourselves because of the lack of principle and resolve of the GOP and conservatives.  Years of half-hearted conservatism brought the Bush economic collapse that, perhaps unfairly, continues to define the GOP in the mind of the public today.  We must rise above these prior policy failures.
  • It is because of these failures that not only has the GOP been brought to its knees, but America has as well.  The American people accept the failures of liberalism because they seem "less bad" than the years under Bush.  A broken nation has taken the wrong path, because it seems the better path.
  • We must somehow appeal to young voters and black, Hispanic and Asian voters in a real sense without abandoning principle.  The GOP and American exceptionalism offer so much to these new Americans and underprivileged Americans, but the story must be told, and told compassionately and with respect to the diversity to our culture that these Americans bring.
So, make no mistake: We failed and have much work to do before 2014 and 2016.  Even worse than the election results, the trajectory (with growing minority population, and the disconnect from America's youth) is even worse.

Without a significant  reevaluation, the future for the GOP, and for America, is much worse than 2012 delivered.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bill Kintner Leading in Nebraska

Bill Kintner, our "Cornhusker COASTer" is leading in his race for the Nebraska Legislature 50.74% to 49.26% over the incumbent.
We are so proud of our good friend and a great COASTer.

Nebraska will be the better for having Bill's strong voice for fiscal conservatism in the legislature.

Learn more about Bill here.

The Tale of the Tape

COAST put in a great deal of effort to defeat Jean Schmidt, so it is particularly satisfying to note that:
Dr. Wenstrup outperformed Jean’s best results in total vote percentage overall and vote percentage in Brown, Clermont and Hamilton Counties.  Additionally, Brad outperformed Jean’s results in all shared counties in 2005, 2006 and 2008.  Brad also got more total votes than Jean did in any of her campaigns.

To restate that, Brad's 63.94% in Brown County was higher than Jean's best in that county, 60.2% in 2010.  Brad's 54.22% in Hamilton County bested Jean's high of 52.49% in 2010.  And the icing on the cake: Brad's 71.14% in Clermont County was higher than Jean's personal best 2010 result of 64.18% in her HOME COUNTY!

Jean's best total vote result was in 2008: 148,671; this year, Brad got 189,400 votes.

We also note that Jean never managed to perform up to her district. Until this year's redistricting took away Republican strongholds of Indian Hill, Symmes Township and Warren County, the Second District was considered to be a 64% R district.  After redistricting, the Second District is considered to be a 57% R district.  Jean never got anywhere near 64% of the vote, and yet Brad OVERPEFORMED his district by getting 59% of the vote.  Even in 2010, a landslide year for Republicans nationwide and statewide, Jean managed only 58.45% in a district that was expected to produce a 64% R result.  Now, rather than 6% below the baseline, Brad gets 2% above the baseline.

We are so excited about our new Congressman, January 3 cannot come soon enough.

Fiscal conservative Jeff Flake wins in AZ

Joining the ranks of Pat Toomey, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, and now Ted Cruz (Texas) is Jeff Flake of Arizona, who has made his mark as a fiscal hawk.

These repeated wins show the commitment by GOP voters to fiscal sanity, and the acceptance of that issue by the wider electorate in general elections.

These five Senators, along with others (Senator Portman among them), who can lead the USA out of its mire of debt and spending, in spite of the victory of President Obama to the White House, and that Harry Ried continues to wield the gavel in the US Senate. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

COAST congratulates Mitt Romney for excellent Presidential run

Mitt Romney was not the favorite of conservatives in the GOP primary elections, but as he slowly grasped the GOP nomination, the entire Party embraced him.  And he did not disappoint during the general election, remaining true to the themes of the Party in opposing the liberal democrat-socialist agenda of Barack Obama.

The grassroots effort in Ohio at least was stellar.  The air war was well-run.

Team Romney has nothing of which to be ashamed in this loss tonight.  They did the GOP proud, including the candidate.

Liberal Betty Sutton, gone; liberal Charlie Wilson, gone

To highlight the sweeping wins of the GOP and Speaker John Boehner, Republican Jim Renaci beat Betty Sutton in Northeast Ohio, and Republican Bill Johnson defeated Charlie Wilson in Ohio's southeast border.

Both races good news, and evidence that the GOP is alive and well in Ohio!

Pat DeWine ascends to the Court of Appeals

COAST warmly congratulates Judge Pat DeWine as he is elected to the Hamilton County 1st District Court of Appeals.  DeWine has served for the last four years as Judge on the Common Pleas bench where he has proved to be a smart, tough, principled Judge.

DeWine led Hamilton County vote-getters with 62% of the vote (with 58% of the vote counted).

We know he will excel on the appellate bench.   Congratulations Judge DeWine!

Conservative Sharon Kennedy wins seat on Ohio Supreme Court

COAST is thrilled that conservative Sharon Kennedy has decisively won a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court with 57% of the vote.

The Ohio Supreme Court, despite being a bastion for the GOP, has been far from a rational or conservative.

COAST believes in the promise of Sharon Kennedy to bring conservative values and common sense to this Court that desperately needs such leadership.

Congratulations to Ted Cruz in Texas

In a bleak night for GOP and conservative Senate prospects, COAST congratulates Ted Cruz the new Senator from Texas on his win tonight.

Cruz joins Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, Jim DeMint and other fiscal conservatives who will stand firm in D.C. against debt and spending.

GOP retains firm control of Ohio Senate and Ohio House

Congratulations to the GOP leaders of the Ohio House and Senate, as each will retain solid GOP majorities in the coming session.

COAST encourages them to be bold in yanking Ohio into the 21st Century with labor reform, tax reform and election reform.

U.S. Senate contests are a Republican bloodbath

The verdict on the Presidential race is still out, the U.S. House is safely in GOP hands, but the drive to take the gavel from Senate President Harry Reid has been a dramatic failure, with losses in safe GOP territory of Indiana and Missouri and failures in more marginal contests in Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Wisconsin.

Indeed, the Democrats have romped on election night in Senate races.

A serious re-evaluation of our strategy, as conservatives and Republicans, must take place after this experience and that of 2010.

Still, we are glad Dick Lugar is G-O-N-E!

Congratulations to Josh Mandel on a race well-run

Ohio has a new state-wide conservative candidate, who acquitted himself very well in his campaign for U.S. Senate -- Josh Mandel. 

It appears that that bid will fall short of unseating dangerous left-wing liberal Sherrod Brown, but we are grateful to him for his tireless efforts in running a state-wide race and that he remained true to conservative principles in that run.

Thank you, Josh Mandel, and come back swinging for another contest soon.

Some more good news -- John Boehner will remain Speaker

Thank God, the Speaker's gavel will not go back to Nanci Pelosi.  Brad Wenstrup, Steve Chabot, John Boehner all will easily win election.  In one of Ohio's toughest races, eastern Ohio's Bill Johnson (R) appears to be cruising to victory.

It appears that Wentrup's vote totals will exceed the best race that Jean Schmidt ever did in that district.  That's icing on the cake.

Congratulations Speaker Boehner.

Let's start with some good news

State Issue 2, that was dangerous in its design (planned by democrats to re-write the rules of the game on Congressional redistricting because they lost the game in 2010) and in its implementation (a horrible and unworkable plan), has lost in a crushing defeat.

Presently (9:15 PM) Issue 2 is going down in flames with 65% voting "no" after 22% of the vote has been counted.

That's a COAST smiley face ( :-) ) to start the evening.  

Already Voted? - Get to A Victory Center and Get out the VOTE!

Kenwood: 8220 Northcreek Drive, Suite 220

Westwood: 2300 Montana Avenue, Suite 420

Colerain: 8240 Clara Avenue

813 Eastgate South Dr Cincinnati, OH 45245

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Eve Rally in Eastgate

Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup
and Ohio's Comeback Team
Election Eve Rally

Monday @ 5pm
Eastgate Victory Center

Come get charged up for election day.  Hear from candidates and elected officials, including many COAST favorites.

Speakers include:

State Representative 

Joe Uecker

State Senator 

Tom Niehaus

Supreme Court Candidate, Judge

Sharon Kennedy


Steve Chabot

Congressional Candidate, Doctor

Brad Wenstrup

Speaker of the House 

John Boehner

Subject Line - "Eastgate Rally"

Questions - (937) 689-2889

Stop by after work!
Feel free to invite friends and family!

No on Issue 2

Power grab by Unions and Left must be defeated

In 2010 Ohio voters went to the polls to elect statewide officers.  Under Ohio's Constitution, those races also determined the makeup of Ohio's apportionment committee.  Republicans and Democrats alike knew what was at stake in that election - control of the map.  And the money flowed like water in the effort to win votes and those precious seats.
The Republicans prevailed - overwhelmingly.  Hence, with data from the 2010 census, Republicans redrew the legislative maps.  No one will argue that the maps they drew are the best or fairest; but what cannot be denied is that it was the result of a longstanding process that is enshrined in Ohio's Constitution and that all the players knew the rules of the game before even the members of the apportionment committee were known.
Issue 2 is a naked attempt by the losers to rewrite the rules after the game is over.  Ohio's political battles have always rested on a basic assumption of respect for the rules.  Sadly, that basic assumption is being tested more and more every day and every election.  The labor unions and the left are unwilling to accept defeat at the polls.  Now they want to amend Ohio's Constitution to preserve their power in perpetuity.  That is not how we do things in Ohio.
Issue 2 will grant almost limitless power and money to an unelected and unaccountable board, upset our political traditions and limit the power of the voters.
Newspapers across Ohio's political spectrum all agree: No on Ohio.

Issue 2 is also opposed by the Ohio Bar Association.
Vote NO on Issue 2.

Read all of the COAST 2012 endorsements here.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hope and change simply is not working

Black unemployment rate surges to 14.3%

The debt-and-stimulus policies of President Obama, in place for three years and nine months, clearly are not working.

The Labor department today reported that the unemployment rate ticked up 0.1% to 7.9%, but buried in that data is this detail that shows the devastation of the policies of President Obama on urban America: Black unemployment stands at 14.3%, up from 13.4 percent just one month earlier.

Market-based solutions, meaning less stimulus, but lower taxes and regulation, are what is needed to restore and grow the economy.

Four more years of Harry Reid and President Obama are not going to bring the progress America needs.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

COAST Endorses Mike Wilson

Ohio House District 28 Race Crucial

The differences between Connie Pillich and Mike Wilson are a lot more than political party and ideology.  While Connie Pillich is a big-government liberal and Mike Wilson is a limited government conservative, this contentious race has highlighted huge differences in how they approach politics.

Mike Wilson burst onto the political scene in 2009 when he founded the Cincinnati Tea Party.  Since then, he has committed to getting more regular people involved in politics and has managed to run for office while founding his own small business.  In contrast, Connie Pillich has left her law firm to become a full-time legislator and is resorting in her campaign to the same tired and dishonest scare tactics that make good people reluctant to get involved in politics.

Mike Wilson is the right choice to represent House District 28 and hold the other politicians accountable.  

COAST fully endorses Mike Wilson for State Representative.

Read all of the COAST 2012 endorsements here.