Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tomorrow is legal showdown in Judge Bob Winkler's Courtroom

The eyes and ears of everyone in Cincinnati will be focused on developments in Judge Robert Winkler's Courtroom as he hears the preliminary and permanant injunction in the case of McQueen v. Dohoney, the "Parking Meter case."

What is at stake is the simple question of whether the people of Cincinnati should be able to referendum the 30-year lease of the parking meters in Cincinnati, an outcome the Council dreads.

Today we learned from our legal team that the Dinsmore law firm has entered the fray on behalf of the City, presumably to add some political heft to their position.  Former GOP Chairman George Vincent represents the City in the aciton and current GOP Chair Alex Triantafilou is also with the firm.

So, we pray for wisdom and courage in Judge Winkler who must be under tremendous pressure in this case.

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