Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Urging our petitioners forward

Ladies and gentlemen of COAST, and our loyal blog readers, this is a sincere call to action.

The petition drive to get the Parking Plot referendum on the ballot needs the aid of all good men and women of this City.  As the legal wheels grind forward, many are waiting anxiously for Judge Winkler's decision.  But we cannot "wait." We must move forward with the petition drive, because the clock is ticking on the deadline.

Our esteemed Chairman, Tom Brinkman, Jr., is working to organize a thrust for this weekend, and has petitions available.  Please contact him at 237-4054 to get a petition, get cracking, and get involved this week or for this weekend.

The deadline is not being extended by the legal wrangling.  It is still the end of the month.  So, please engage now to help this important cause.

More details are available at

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