Friday, March 15, 2013

Send Mascots, Bands and Cheerleaders! - Email of the Day

The treasure trove of emails continues to showcase what can only be called a pathological abuse of public resources; abuses about which we all know school administrators ought to be hyper-aware. As a future email of the day will demonstrate, all of the emails turned over and posted for public consumption were written with the full knowledge of the COAST agreement by the senders and recipients; and that, by their actions using tax dollars for political campaigning, they were trampling all over state law and the COAST agreement.

Today we laugh to avoid crying. Warren Zevon used to sing: "Send Lawyers, Guns and Money." Tom Frank, CPS union organizer, does him one better: "Send Mascots, Bands and Cheerleaders." Or maybe Judy Collins' "Send in the Clowns."

Read here as Tom Frank emails CPS teachers (at their official CPS emails) to arrange to have High School cheerleaders and marching bands bused to a political rally in support of the school levy. (As we already told you, you can't make this stuff up!)

Notice also that the Walnut Hills music teacher replies in the middle of the school day (using his CPS email); and that he is apparently unable to spell "can't." Sursum ad summum indeed.

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