Monday, March 11, 2013

Revisiting the Garbage Fee

It looks like the uber-hip, ultra-informed urbanistas living in the Peoples' Republic of Over the Rhine are coming to realize that the bill for all their grandiose schemes is coming due.

Over at Urban Ohio blog they are starting to rumble that their garbage collection is about to be cut off.

Gee, if only they had known about the plan to cancel garbage collection for multi-dwelling and commercial buildings before Chris Seelbach and the rest of the urbanistas voted to do just that. Oh, that's right, we reported on it back on November 27. News which was subsequently covered by the Business Courier and other news media. We warned you that exactly this thing was coming:
Own a business in the city or live in one of those wonderful new apartments at the Banks?  Or in any apartment building with more than 5 apartments?  Guess what?  The City won't be collecting your garbage anymore!  Guess what else? Your rent will be going up to pay for garbage collection.  But don't worry, the City expects to collect a new "solid waste collection fee" of 10% of gross revenues from the people you pay to collect your garbage.

We know from public records requests that thousands did read our report and contacted City Hall about this budget mess.

Perhaps this will be a good learning opportunity for the urbanistas. All those shiny baubles you get so excited about - Streetcars, 60 gallon recycling bins, Media Bridges, Arts Grants, etc., have to be paid for; and you're the one who's gonna do the paying.

Now, maybe there's a petition you'd like to sign to help stop the next big swindle?

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