Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Parking referendum petitions already in their 3rd printing

It is way to early to tell the results of the referendum petition to repeal Chris Seelbach's Parking Plot, but the early response we are hearing from the field is tremendously encouraging.

One sign of the drive's success is that petition committee organizers keep printing too few petition forms, and twice now have been forced to return to the printer for more forms.  Organizers are now on their third printing, and it's only four days into the drive.

The other piece of consumer research available to us is that petitioners who have worked on some or all of the seven petition drives conducted by the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP (jail tax, red light cameras, proportional representation, water works, streetcar I, Streetcar II, and trash tax [are we missing any?]) are reporting that signers are relatively well-informed about the issue and more enthusiastic than usual to sign the petition.

Now, this does not mean any circulator can rest easy, as we need everyone to dig deeply into their reservoir of volunteer energy to tackle this large task, but there are solid early signs that this drive will succeed.

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