Friday, March 30, 2012

Thoughts on Obamacare arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court

In a manner similar to the effect that the debate over TARP, Stimulus I and Stimulus II, and ObamaCare has had in igniting a movement that is still moving America forward (i.e., the Tea Party and a new awareness of the Constitution and its meaning in our governmental structures), the legal challenge to ObamaCare seems to have awakened an awareness in the Judiciary that they are the last defense citizens have against a federal government that seems to know no limits to their authority.

We may still see our hopes dashed that these nine men and women will strike down this obviously unconstitutional legislation, but the comments made during oral argument at the U.S. Supreme Court this week seem to have given despair to liberals and encouragement to conservatives and libertarians, in part that the "Commerce Clause" to the U.S. Constitution does not give unlimited power to the Congress.

And once we start to exercise that muscle of recognizing the constitutionally limited nature of the federal government, there may be significant direction the Supreme Court can take America to check the reach of an otherwise out of control Congress and Presidency.

In the meantime, we like everyone else, will wait, but consider COAST "heartened" by the advent of common sense that seems to have sprung like Cherry blossoms in D.C.

It won't last long, but it might last a while.

The next Jean Schmidt? The top 10 House incumbents who could lose their primaries

The "Fix" at the Washington Post has it here.

Somehow, it's music to our ears!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?

COAST knows that in order to make the big changes we need in our City, County, State and Nation, we need the "buy in" from the entire Center-Right coalition that has guided this nation through many decades of success, and distinguishes America among predominantly socialist industrialized nations.

However, within that spectrum, we have seen the policy and political disasters wrought by unprincipled GOP politicians from George W. Bush (and George H.W. Bush) to Bob Taft, to Jean Schmidt and Kevin DeWine.  And we have seen dramatic successes written on the walls of history by those who have followed the lead of Ronald Reagan.

With respect and kindness towards our Republican brothers who all-too-consistently back the more centrist elements in the GOP, and in many cases the unsavory and corrupt elements in the Party, we ask:
Do you want to continue to remain on the wrong side of history?

We marvel at donor list of Jean Schmidt (yes we have seen it and groaned) even after Lt. Col. Dr. Wenstrup announced he would oppose her and wonder:
  • Did these donors really think she was a good Congressman, and would be better than Wenstrup?  
  • Did they really support Jean and her milquetoast policies, or was she just a "safe bet?"
We, of course, know the answer.  These people have given up on trying to make a difference, and instead were buying into the "safe bet" that an incumbent member of Congress can't be beaten, regardless of how bad, how corrupt, how embarrassing they have become.

And in the process folks like them actually make change more difficult by backing the status quo.  They invest in failure, making the uphill battle for change even steeper.

Fortunately, COAST is here to encourage the broad coalition we need for change to think of backing only candidates of which we can be proud -- and who will take America in a bold new direction.

So, ask yourself:

Am I part of the problem or part of the solution?

Join the fight for a better Cincinnati, Ohio and U.S.A.

Friday, March 23, 2012

We love Charles Krauthammer -- Obamacare: The reckoning

"Rarely has one law so exemplified the worst of the Leviathan state."

Read it here.

Jean Schmidt drops the lawsuit that spawned a corruption scandal that toppled the Congressman

Today marks the next step in the unraveling of the Congressman that used to be Jean Schmidt.

Jean Schmidt has dropped the $6.8 defamation million lawsuit that she initiated against one-time opponent David Krikorian in Clermont County Common Pleas Court, offering as an explanation only "its time to move on."

The lawsuit and several other legal actions against Krikorian were funded, illegally, by the Turkish Coalition of America to the tune of $500,000.  Schmidt dodged the media inquiries and prosecution by the House Ethics Committee by claiming ignorance of what those around her were doing.

The media in Cincinnati, especially the editorial pages, showed what lapdogs they are by refusing to cover and condemn her illegal behavior, or at least her claimed ignorance.

City Beat has the best coverage of today's developments, here.  We just wonder why they refused to tell this story while it was happening.  The Enquirer's is here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Empire Strikes Back! NRCC tells vendors to cut off CPA

Well, we now know that the Campaign for Primary Accountability is having an impact. 

After two wins (Schmidt in OH-2 and Manzullo in IL-15) against incumbent, establishment Republicans, the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee is telling vendors they must choose sides.

The WSJ has the story here.

We know this is a tactic the Speaker has been using to enforce order in the House, as at least one vendor sought to assist the Brad Wenstrup campaign was waived off by John Boehner's operation.

This is good news, though, as if the Empire did not feel threatened, they would not be reacting.

We assure them they have good reason to worry.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SORTA is next...they want more of your money.

This is a big deal.

There is no question that public transportation is an absolute mess in Cincinnati and Hamilton County.  Fares are up, service is dramatically reduced, and SORTA is facing massive deficits.

So, if you were a SORTA Board member in the midst of this mess, what would you do?  Of course, you'd agree to take over operations of the money-losing streetcar and make your fiscal mess even worse.

That's exactly what happened, despite warnings from COAST, our local Congressman, County Commissioners, members of the Ohio legislature, Governor Kasich, the Police Union, the Firefighters Union, the CODE Labor Union, the NAACP, the Baptist Ministers, and Westwood Concern.

Now, SORTA is making its "move."  It is conducting a phone survey of Hamilton County residents.  A COASTer received the call last night.  The survey consisted of a few dozen questions all of which circled back to, "would you support a tax increase if it would allow SORTA to create or expand xyz service."  Undoubted the survey is at taxpayer expense, and undoubtedly it is part of a plan to put a tax increase before the voters this fall.

And you can be assured that COAST will mount a withering offensive to fight this confiscatory tax for a poorly-led agency that could be doing good work. In short, we will make sure SORTA pays a dear price for their foolish support of the streetcar.  And this tax push is the place to start that.

Portland -- Camelot of Rail Transit -- Struggles to pay the bills!

"Reduced revenue and federal funding, combined with unsustainable employee costs, are making it difficult for the Oregon city to stay on top."

Read the profile in "Governing the States and Localities" here.  It ain't a pretty picture where Mayor Mallory wants to take us:
leaders of a region long known for a commitment to multimodal transportation will have to increase fares and reduce service to balance budgets in 2013...
Transit systems nationwide are facing budget shortfalls similar to those of Portland -- and in some cases vastly larger.
Take note: While this train wreck is happening all around us, the business community is sitting on its hands.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Campaign for Primary Accountability bags its second win of 2012

The dethroning of Jean Schmidt on March 6th was a shot heard 'round America, as Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup rolled into the GOP nomination for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District seat.  And that win was greatly aided by the "anarchist PAC from Texas" (as one target called them), the Campaign for Primary Accountability.

Well, CPA has targeted seats all across the country.  We were disappointed last week that they could not nail two races of corrupt (or aiding in corruption) House members, Spence Bachus and Jo Bonner in Alabama.  Both deserved to go.

Tonight, however, COAST is pleased to announce that CPA has bagged another win -- the defeat of Donald A. Manzullo from Rockford IL with freshman lawmaker, and reformer, Adam Kinzinger.  After 99% of the vote is counted, Kinzinger is leading with 55.9% of the vote.

It wasn't even close.  And that's the way it always should be.

Throwing off the chains of the failed Bob Taft era

Suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, two of the last holdovers of the failed Bob Taft era of state governance (1999-2007) will soon be gone, the result of conservative voters taking control of their government in the March 6 primary election.

First, as COASTers know and have celebrated, Jean Schmidt was unceremoniously hoisted on her petard in her crushing six point defeat at the hands of Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup in the Second Congressional District of Ohio. Ultimately, Schmidt was dispatched for a series of sins, starting with her multiple votes in slavish obedience to the Taft/Householder agenda while she served in the Ohio legislature. Her pedigree as a Taftie was firmly embedded in her during these years. Those instincts manifested themselves in vote after vote in Congress, all in lockstep conformity with the spend-and-borrow ways of the Republican House under Speaker John Boehner.

Second, Governor John Kasich courageously challenged Kevin DeWine's leadership of the Ohio GOP through elections for the members of the Republican State Central Committee.  DeWine sits as a proxy for Ohio Secretary of State, John Husted. Both Husted and DeWine were also loyal votes for the Taft agenda of higher taxes and spending in the legislature, Husted as Speaker of the House and DeWine as his lieutenant.

Well, it has taken a few weeks for the results of that election to sink in.  We knew conclusively that DeWine was in trouble when he announced this week that he would not stand for election in 2013 as Party Chairman.  But that was not enough for the principled insurgents, and today, the GOP Chairman of Ohio's seven largest counties wrote to DeWine asking for his immediate resignation.

Yes, the walls are closing in quickly on the remaining Tafties.  As of January, Schmidt and DeWine will be gone, and hopefully Husted will soon be following them.

After the damage they have done to Ohio, it won't be soon enough for COAST.

Bold vision for America from Paul Ryan budget plan

We will have more comment and analysis on this in the coming few days, but this bold vision for America, the type of new direction we need, comes from the GOP and Paul Ryan.  Read about it here.

This is the type of thing that COASTers, Tea Partiers, our party structure, our elected representatives at all levels, and citizen activists everywhere should be promoting.  We cannot sit silently while this is occurring.

Let your Congressman and Senator know where you stand on these issues critical to America's future.

Tax cut battle brewing in Columbus -- it's GOP v. GOP

The reformist wing of the GOP, the one fighting for lower taxes and limited government is once again butting heads with the Bob Taft wing of the GOP, the one that thinks that higher taxes and spending are just dandy.

Read here, the Toledo Blade's summation of the fight brewing over Governor John Kasich's vow that "every new penny generated from this “fracking" revenue would go toward income tax cuts. versus the plan of Rep. Ron Amstutz (R., Wooster), chairman of the House Finance and Appropriations Committee to gut the Governor's proposal.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sherrod Brown discusses "niggardly" colleagues

Yesterday Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown referred to his fellow lawmakers as "niggardly" because of their domestic spending on veterans. Since this was said during an MSNBC appearance nobody saw it, but it has been recorded for everyone's convenience.

The lack of condemnation from some quarters has been puzzling. Yes, I'm aware that the word means stingy or miserly and is not a derivative of the well-known racial slur that also starts with 'n'. But I can recall several debates I've either read online or had with people about the appropriateness of using the word niggardly in a public setting, and in every one of these conversations liberals were unanimous in declaring that the word was racist and never ok for public use. Their only apparent exception is when it's used by a Democratic politician.

My position has remained the same over the years. The word is not racist, and therefore I do not believe this clip exposes Senator Brown as a racist. It does, however, expose many on the left as hypocrites who will not enforce their standards consistently.

I'll leave with a question to everyone. If a Republican referred to Barack Obama as niggardly, would that be ok?

National political analyst Charlie Cook sizes up the Schmidt defeat

Here is a good, humorous, if not detailed, explanation of why Jean Schmidt lost from respected political analyst Charlie Cook: "Run Scared: More House Republicans could lose in the primaries than in the general election."

COAST wants incumbents to be fearful, always, of holding their jobs.  Fearful incumbents listen to voters, not entrenched special interests.

Here is the funniest line of the article:
For one thing, Schmidt has chronically underperformed in GOP primaries. And, in a related factor, she was apparently behind the door when God handed out the charm and gregariousness that most elected officials possess. Schmidt is an acquired taste that many in her district and on Capitol Hill never managed to acquire.
Read it and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kasich delivers yet again; 2012 proposals demand reform and tax cuts

This Governor has been the best in our lifetimes, taking on Ohio's entrenched special interests repeatedly for the betterment of this State and our children.

Today's Dispatch has it here: The Governor is proposing a host of reforms in state and local government and a 5% personal income tax cut.

There is no doubt that these reforms suit COAST's style just fine, but moreso, without significant reforms in state and local government, Ohio will be left in the competitive dust.

More will be coming on this in the COAST newsletter and blog entries, but COAST wants to lead the cheer for another round of reforms from this breakthrough Governor!

National Review: Last Night's Anti-Incumbent Turbulence

OK, we lost two races we were watching closely last night: the attempts to up-end Spencer Bachus and Jo Bonner in Alabama.  Both were races targeted by Campaign for Primary Accountability, the SuperPAC that helped end the rein of Jean Schmidt.

Spencer Bachus has his own scandal giving rise of a House Ethics Committee investigation (which undoubtedly will result in prolonged delays followed by a whitewash) and Jo Bonner chairs that Committee-- ground zero for the enablement of corruption in Congress.

National Review has a nice synopsis of both here.

Bottom line: Establishment-oriented incumbents are in trouble.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mahogany's owner turns her self in; arrested

We hate to pat ourselves on the back for this one, but when we endorsed Christopher Smitherman for City Council in 2011, we had no idea he would stand quite as he has on this one  -- perceptive, prescient and principled.

It made no sense from Day #1 to loan $1 million of City monies to a couple who have a $49,000 federal tax lien, but this crazy Council voted to do just that.

Then, yesterday, WXIX reported that there was a warrant out for the arrest for one of the owners for non-payment of another judgment.  The warrant was issued by Judge Fanon Rucker.

Here, the Enquirer reports that Liz Rogers has turned herself in to the Butler County Sheriff, and was released on bond.

Council is still standing behind the $1 million loan.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Jean Schmidt was meeting with Turkish Ambassador on Election Day -- a truly unbelievable turn of events

Politico has the story here.
The decision to stay in the nation’s capital — and particularly to focus on Turkish-American relations — is the best evidence yet that Schmidt simply didn’t get how much trouble she was in back home....
Schmidt spokesman Barrett Brunsman declined to comment directly on why Schmidt met with Tan or whether she regretted attending the luncheon rather than flying back to Cincinnati to spend the last day of the primary on the campaign trail.
In a lengthy email exchange, Brunsman didn’t acknowledge that the meeting even took place.
“I think you have lost your way,” Brunsman wrote.
Our clueless Congressman could not have displayed her out-of-touch and indifferent attitude toward her own ethical problems and the issues facing her constituents than with this latest development.

Human Events has as good an explanation of Brad Wenstrup's win as anyone

They credit personal dislike and ethics problems of Schmidt, "the kiss," and the SuperPAC and the appeal and strength of Wenstrup.

It's a decent read, here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We are working on statistical analysis of the bloodbath

In a few days, COAST will be reporting on a precinct-by-precinct, city, village and township, but city, village and township breakdown of the congressional election results, including how Jean and Brad fared in their home counties and home precincts.

Suffice it to say at this juncture that our analysis shows a massive bloodbath for Schmidt in almost every area of Hamilton and Clermont Counties, and significant strength by Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup in those same counties.

Mother Jones has profile piece on Campaign for Primary Accountability

Read it here: This Texas "Anarchist" GOPer Is Taking Out Incumbents

It's a fair read from a far-left publication.

What makes the group unique—and what baffles incumbents who find themselves in the crosshairs—is that there's no discernible partisan motive behind CFPA's interventions.

Incumbents obviously do not appreciate the revulsion in the heartland at the stench they have created in D.C. It makes absolutely perfect sense to COASTers.

Which is what makes the idea of contested primaries so appealing. Linbeck believes that, through gerrymandering and uncontested incumbency, communities have lost their ability to choose representatives that actually represent them. Rattling off statistics on congressional approval (17 percent) and the incumbency rate (around 90 percent), Linbeck frames his mission as restoring an extra level of oversight to the people's house. Viewed in that light, his super-PAC is more a privately funded public financing venture than a conventional effort to promote conservative values.

Mother Jones has done as good a job as any publication trying to explain the unique, but entirely un-mysterious, motivation behind Campaign for Primary Accountability.  They are the "wake up call" that America desperately needs.

The Republican-Democrat paradigm, as have other traditional divisors of the electorate (black-white, pro and anti-abortion, blue-collar v. white-collar etc.) have been excuses of politicians to engage in outrageously bad behavior (debt limit, ethics scandals, crony-capitalism, etc.).  They claim because we are "fighting Barack Obama" or "opposing the Pelosi agenda," or because we are "pro-life," to we can sell out our constituencies on everything else, and yet survive a tough primary.

Leo Linbeck and Campaign for Primary Accountability is saying that these games are not going to fly any more, and politicians, even in highly partisan districts, are going to have to answer to their voters on core economic and fiscal issues.

That is exactly the same ground that the www.WeDemandAVote.Com coalition plowed five years ago, confounding the same politicians, journalists and political pundits, only locally: How can these diverse people and groups work together?

We can because we know we have a common enemy: An entrenched power structure that daily takes advantage of the poor, the powerless, the voiceless, the working schlep who pays the taxes and follows the rules.

And if we have anything to say about it, it's "Game Over."  

Do ya get it yet, media, politicians, and pundits???

Don't worry, we intend to keep telling you.  At the ballot box.

Update from Daily Kos on two Campaign for Primary Accountability targeted races in AL

The group that helped us take out Jean Schmidt, the Campaign for Primary Accountability (thanks, guys!), has targeted lawmakers Jo Bonner in Alabama's 1st Congressional District and Spencer Bachus in Alabama's 6th Congressional District, both scoundrels deeply needing to be forcibly retired.

The Daily Kos has a decent roundup of these two races here

As you might expect, taking on incumbents in a primary election is a long shot.  Taking them on when they have fair warning (the stunning and lop-sided Schmidt defeat was fair warning) makes it even tougher.

The Jo Bonner defeat is especially important to COAST (we know, we are dreamers) because this is the dirtball that led the House Ethics Committee to whitewash the multiple felonies of Jean Schmidt and is doing similarly in other House Ethics inquiries.  This guy sees it as his job to whitewash even the worst misdeeds of members of Congress.

So, keep an eye on AL-1 and AL-6 on Tuesday.  An, regardless of the outcome, COAST's thanks go to Campaign for Primary Accountability and the opponents of these two Congressmen for undertaking the good fight.

Bonner and Bachus need to be fearful of the voters, and hopefully removed by the voters.  It's the only thing that ever gets their attention.

The next big debt bomb -- Student loans

We see it all around us. New colleges popping up by the dozen in suburban office parks.  Who is paying the bills for these schools?  We all know: fast and easy federal grants and loans, mostly loans.

Slick marketers draw in kids that otherwise would not go to college, or might make better decisions about their degrees and careers. Nursing programs that have no clinical component, and few will hire the thus unqualified graduates.  Much of it is not the kids' fault.  Someone is selling them a slick bill of goods about their future, and the Feds are loaning the money for it, so it must all be worthwhile.

If you think about it, it is a whole lot like the housing bubble. An entirely government-induced market, spurred to new heights by lots and lots of folks making money off of foolish government policies backed by -- nothing!

And bureaucrats, and elected officials whistling past the graveyard, because everyone seems happy from the foolishness -- the schools, the students, the lobbyists.  And the voters have no idea of the liabilities they have undertaken.

Today's Wa Po has a pretty good piece on the disaster unfolding in slow motion before our very eyes:
It's here.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Arrest Warrant Issued for Mahogany's Owner

COAST recently warned Cincinnati City Council not to approve a package of grants and loans totaling almost $1 million to the owners of Mahogany's to open a location downtown. For some reason, we didn't think someone who owes $49,000 in unpaid federal taxes is deserving of a sweetheart deal with your tax dollars.

Now its owner, Elizabeth Rogers, has a warrant out for her arrest. Not surprisingly, it is related to an unpaid $3,000 debt. Cincinnati City Council thinks that someone who doesn't pay their taxes and doesn't pay their debts deserves $1 million of your money to open a private business. Mark Mallory, Milton Dohoney, and the majority of City Council appear unable to make a wise decision on the most basic of issues.

For example, Councilman Yvette Simpson stated, "It’s my understanding that this is income tax she owes, it’s not a lien, and she has decided to pay it over time, which she has the right to do."

Clearly there is a difference between Yvette Simpson and a Councilman capable of intelligent thought. No intelligent person could so callously dismiss the fact that someone doesn't their pay their obligations when handing over $1 million of tax money to that person thinking they will run a successful business.

The Council Members who supported this suspect sweetheart deal are:
- P.G. Sittenfeld
- Charlie Winburn
- Cecil Thomas
- Wendell Young
- Laure Quinlivan
- Yvette Simpson

In light of all the available information, we hope these Councilmen will reconsider their irresponsible decision and rescind all tax dollars for Mahogany's.

Jean Schmidt wins an award

Congratulations to Mean Jean Schmidt for winning the Washington Post's Worst Week in Washington Award. She is a truly deserving winner.

Commentary Magazine: Citizens United Decision's Real Victim: Incumbent Protection Plans

Great commentary that lays it out accurately.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wooah, that Wa Po Story was lead story, front page, above-the-fold


Compare this Enquirer piece from January 2012 to the news of today

Read this article from January of this year, please.  In light of the news of this week, you draw your own conclusions of what this means in the context of the Schmidt/Wenstrup battle.

Schmidt defeat media wrap (it appears incumbents are an endangered species)

  • UC News Record is here.  "Wenstrup pulls upset in GOP bid"  Pretty good analysis. 
  • Huff Po is here.  Campaign for Primary Accountability Super PAC Targets Incumbents, Takes Out Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt
  • Time is here.  House Primary Upset in Ohio: Signs of a Weak GOP Majority? 
  • ONN is here:  Second District Shake-Up 
  • UPI is here. Group targets congressional incumbents 
  • Reason is here:  Who Will Save the Poor Incumbents From the Super PAC Onslaught? 
  • Slate is here: The Men Who Stare At Incumbents, and Then Try to Beat Them 
  • Newsmax is here:  New Super PAC Targets House Incumbents From Both Parties 
  • Common Sense is here: Quietly, Stunning 
  • Bob Cesca's Awesome Blog is here:  Crazy Jean Schmidt Loses (ya might want to be careful, Bob.  Might get sued for defamation if you can't prove she is crazy!).

COAST "Tweets" Case featured on "The Take Away"

COAST Treasurer Mark W. Miller gives a compelling interview about the COAST v. Ohio Elections Commission "Tweets" case here to "The Takeaway," a national radio program produced by the New York Times ("be careful what you tweet").  It's a good listen.

This same case was featured Tuesday in an important piece in the print edition of the New York Times.  Read that here.

COAST was the victim of two Ohio Elections Commissions' cases in which Robert Richardson and Cincinnatians for Progress attempted to smear him and COAST for claimed false statements relating to the Cincinnati Streetcar.

After an inquisition by the seers at the Ohio Elections Commission, they ruled that there was not even "probable cause" that COAST had made a false statement.  (Thank you oh, great arbiters of truth on the Elections Commission, for ruling that we could have free speech in this limited instance, after the fact.  We appreciate this mercy this one time for our "free" speech activities.)

COAST and Miller have sued the OEC in federal Court (in two different cases actually).  Read more about that here.

Economic Freedom in America Today

For years the United States has been a world leader in economic freedom. But runaway government spending and burdensome regulations have caused a decline in economic freedom in the United States. If our economic freedom continues to fall, how will it affect our quality of life?

Roll Call has the best story yet

Read it here.

Gives credit to COASTer Brian Shrive, Wenstrup's campaign manager (COAST blog profile on him is coming), COAST, Chris Finney and his ethics PowerPoint presentation.

The best line: "Instead of campaigning Tuesday in the Buckeye State, Schmidt was in Washington, D.C., attending a morning Conference meeting at the Capitol Hill Club and voting in the afternoon."

This win is COAST's and the Tea Party's "shot heard 'round the nation," a message to Speaker John Boehner.

Schmidt friend Willie Cunningham discusses Schmidt defeat -- Blame it on Boehner!

Yesterday, Willie Cunningham on 700 WLW discussed the defeat of his good friend Jeannie Schmidt.  Listen here starting at about 22:04.

He says that John Boehner instructed her not to spend her campaign money, and that's why she lost.  (It'd be just like Schmidt to blame someone else for her mistakes, so we doubt this.)

If you think about it, though, assuming it is true, your campaign money, like your vote, should be the one thing that you control.  Yet, Schmidt claims she gave a proxy for both to John Boehner.  Does anyone join us see the irony in all of that?

Schmidt lived by the instruction of John Boehner, and she died by that instruction as well.


Six Major national and local stories on the Jean Schmidt defeat

Read them here:

New York Times: ‘Super PAC’ Increasing Congress’s Sense of Insecurity

Washington Post: One super PAC takes aim at incumbents of any party

National Review Online: The Never-Ending Tea Party (John Fund)

Politico: Brad Wenstrup was long shot to beat Schmidt

Cincinnati Enquirer: What brought Schmidt down?; It was a combination of things, but the Obama kiss sure didn't help

Local 12/Jeff Hirsch: Brad Wenstrup Defeats Jean Schmidt in GOP US House Race

There are good perspectives in each article.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

There is a message in all of this to Speaker John Boehner

Dear John Boehner:

Wake up, our friend. The last time the Republicans took the House, they blew it. It still took a dozen years for the Republicans to lose control, but they blew it almost immediately. And they blew it in two primary ways:

1) First, they squandered their inheritance, and refused to rein in taxes and spending, and frankly to implement a single prong of the conservative agenda.

2) Second, corruption consumed the House, with members enjoying the perks and privileges more than doing their job.

From what we have seen, Speaker Boehner, it took you and your team less than a year to fall into the same old habits. You see, it does not appear you and the Republican majority can be trusted with power.

So, you do what we elected you to do, or you lose the power you have been given.

It is your choice.

But rest assured that the defeat of your girl, Mean Jean Schmidt, is a warning shot across the bow. You can heed the warning to your benefit, or ignore it to your peril. The voters have spoken. Loudly.

Not enough can be said for the Campaign for Primary Accountability (and a few others)

Running as a non-incumbent for the United States Congress is truly an almost impossible task.

Make no mistake at all. Brad Wenstrup is a stellar candidate, a medical doctor with military experience, good looks, and a likeable personality. He had everything and more you could want from a challenger.

But to beat an incumbent member of the US Congress, you need more. Much more.

Fortunately, we had that.

The Campaign for Primary Accountability invested money in this race, and their message was sharp, focused and creative. They, more than any outside force, had the greatest impact on this race, and for that we are deeply appreciative.

But most of all, we need to thank the voters for their wisdom in putting the Second Congressional District of Ohio out of its seven-year nightmare with Jean Schmidt as our Congressman. Thanks to you, we can once again be proud of our representation in D.C. like we were with Bill Gradison and Rob Portman.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let the joyous news be spread, the wicked witch is dead.

Not sure, but that flying monkey (starting around 1:14) looks a lot like Barrett Brunsman to me.

Two COASTers make national news on same day

COAST "Tweets" Complaint and Mark Miller featured NYT.

This morning, we were greeted with this from the New York Times featuring the important litigation, COAST v. Ohio Elections Commission.  This is possibly COAST's most important piece of First Amendment litigation, challenging the jurisdiction of the Ohio Elections Commission in "false speech" cases.  As Mike DeWine's Amicus Brief in the very case he is defending (bravery!) tells us, the statute and the OEC process is terribly misused to chill legitimate and entirely truthful political speech.

Roseann Siderits featured in the Wall Street Journal
Then, an hour later, we saw this video on WSJ.Com with Roseann Siderits doing her grass roots work for Presidential candidate Rick Santorum in West Chester.

COAST would note that it put its better foot forward with Roseann Siderits in video and Mark in print, and we will leave it at that.

Monday, March 5, 2012

9th SuperPAC mailer is out!

Once again, they hit Schmidt on ethics and taxes and spending. 

Win or lose, it warms the cockles of COAST's heart to know that the voters have been told of her corruption.  It's up to them after that.

Now, go forth and vote!

NPR does a fine job of covering OH-2 Congressional Race

Note how Jean Schmidt runs scared when the reporter approaches.  She has been trained by her staff never to debate, and never to make media appearances unless it is an environment she carefully controls.  Pathetic.

And Ray and Maggie at the Enquirer endorse this embarrassment year after year after year.  What a pathetic rag!

Listen to it here.

Is tomorrow the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Super Tuesday.  For once, Ohioans actually, sort of, have a say in the Presidential beauty contest, as the race is not 100% sewn up before Buckeye State voters cast their ballots.

But what after tomorrow?  What becomes of the GOP and the fall Presidential contest? Despite rising gas prices and sky-high unemployment numbers, President Obama's polling appears to be slightly improving.

COASTers in the arena report continuing zeal to rid the White House of Barack Obama, and to take back the Senate.  We hear less enthusiasm for Speaker Boehner's leadership of the House, and hopes that Eric Cantor or someone else would take the reins there.

But will the energy of the Tea Party that catapulted dozens of new lawmakers into D.C in 2010 continue until November of 2012?  Time will tell.  We sense the energy and enthusiasm at the grass roots, but continuing skepticism about the resolve of the leadership in the Washington to do the right thing (finally!).

"Votes for Ice Cream" organizers resurected!

In October 2010, COAST burst onto the national scene with the Votes for Ice Cream Scandal, in which our beloved Tom Brinkman and Steve Johnson "busted" CPS personnel for indoctrinating school kids to vote democrat.  It was a glorious time for COAST and its cause.

Well, two key players emerged in the media recently, and we thought you ought to know:

  • Pamula Thomas (that is not misspelled), then-wife of democrat Council member Cecil Thomas is a CPS employee.  COAST uncovered evidence that it was her job to assure that students, faculty and personnel, and parents were all registered to vote, and encouraged to vote. This is a key part of the patronage political system that operates inside CPS.  Pamula is the endorsed Democrat candidate for Clerk of Courts this year.
  •  Gwen Robinson was the key outside organizer of the disgraceful event, and openly identified herself as an organizer with Barak Obama's Organizing for America campaign.  She was the architect of the whole sordid affair.  This week, the Enquirer named the illustrious Ms. Robinson one of its "Women of the Year."  We are touched.
So, these key players in this scheme that corrupted our children continue their involvement in our community.

And CPS continues its role as part of the democrat-labor political machine in Cincinnati and Hamilton County!


COAST sample ballot

Please support these 
Second Congressional District
Lt. Colonel Dr. Brad Wenstrup
27th Ohio House District 
Tom Brinkman 
28th Ohio House District 
Mike Wilson 
Mike Wilson
  Issue 8 - Princeton School District Tax Increase - NO 

 Republican State Central Committee

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Rebecca Heimlich

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Dick Alderson
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Patti Alderson

Breaking news: Streetcar costs Cincinnati FAA funding for Blue Ash Airport

The Streetcar folly is the gift that keeps on costing and costing and costing.

We are not sure if it is the Mallory/Qualls cabal that disappoints us more, or the business community sitting on its hands while Cincinnati burns.  Where is the Chamber in this mess?  The Cincinnati Business Committee?  Hello, is anyone desirous of avoiding running this train of a City into a brick wall?  Hello?  Is anyone home?

This from a COASTer this AM:
Did you happen to see on of the reasons why the FAA is not awarding a grant for Cincinnati to prop up the flailing Blue Ash Airport??? They were going to use some of the money for the trolley.

Blue Ash Airport faces shutdown this year

"...The FAA has balked at giving Cincinnati funding to reconfigure the airport because the city wants to earmark money from its sale of the airport land for non-airport-related uses, possibly including the streetcar project...."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This gets our nod as funniest ad (phone call) of the year!

Earl Pitts, American, for Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup.  Here.

Thanks, Earl,,,, err, Gary!!!

SuperPAC Mailer #8 -- Jean Schmidt speaks with forked tongue!

Again, the creative team at Campaign for Primary Accountability is very good.  Let's hope their efforts work Tuesday!

This is so freaking funny, it's beyond words

Read it here, and roll on the floor.

There are 2 reasons Columbus lobbyists have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat Tom Brinkman, Jr.

1) Because Tom Brinkman is not in their back pocket
2) Because Peter Stautberg is   

First, COAST founder and hero, Tom Brinkman, Jr. has thoroughly rebutted the repeated lies about his voting record pushed out there by Peter Stautberg in his desperate bid to hold onto his State House seat in this letter to his constituents.

Please read it and understand Tom's consistent voting record before voting Tuesday.   
  • There is a good reason why they call him "Tax Killer Tom;"  
  • and its the same reason the big-spending lobbyists in Columbus hate him;
  • and it's the reason they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep him from returning to Columbus.  
And that, ladies and gentlemen, precisely is why we need to return Tom to Columbus.

Peter Stautberg and the Columbus lobbyists claim two reasons why Brinkman should not go back to Columbus: (1) because he voted against one bill containing a personal income tax cut and (2) he voted "600 times with the democrats."  

Tom's letter explains the record on both, and they show the depths of deception to which Peter Stautberg and the lobbyists have sunk in this race: 
  • As to the claim that Brinkman voted against a tax cut, that's...ummm...true, but this same bill that contained a modest cut in the personal income tax also contained a permanent sales tax increase, a property tax increase, 177 fee increases and the brand new CAT tax. 
  • As to the "600 votes," almost all were procedural votes on which the entire House voted "yes."  The remainder were tax increases, spending boondoggles (including billions to bring the Olympics to Cincinnati), a convention center tax increase, spending for Paul Brown Stadium, and on and on and on.  Brinkman opposed them all.  Many democrats also opposed these initiatives, although their opposition was not principled, just contrary to the Republicans in power.  Again, Brinkman did the right thing with every one of these votes.  Every single one. 
Please read Tom's entire heartfelt letter setting the record straight on the lies of the well-funded lobbyists in Columbus. 
Please vote Republican and vote Brinkman on Tuesday.    
# # # 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why is Peter Stautberg lying about Tom Brinkman's voting record?

Because if he told the truth, he would lose   

Voters throughout the new 27th Ohio District have been getting mailers, and hearing radio and television commercials claiming that COAST founder, "Tax Killer" Tom Brinkman somehow voted against a tax cut.  Based upon these supposedly high-taxing credentials, Republicans are asked to vote against the "most principled" legislator during his time in Columbus. 
The reality is that vote, H.B 66 in 2005, was a massive tax increase that happened to contain some political cover for those voting in favor in the form of a small tax cut.  The net effect of the bill was a huge tax increase and therefore Brinkman voted "no," as he did on votes on a lot of legislation during the Bob Taft era.  COAST supports Brinkman's vote on this bill and applauds him standing up to the tax-and-spend Bob Taft agenda while in Columbus. 
And that gets to the second lie of Peter Stautberg.  He claims that Tom Brinkman was a liberal because he voted some 600 times with "House Democrats."  Again, during his term in the House, Tom was opposed to much of the nonsense under Bob Taft, Speaker Householder, and Senate President Finan.  Tax increases, spending boondoggles (including billions to bring the Olympics to Cincinnati), a new Commercial Activity Tax, a convention center tax increase, spending for Paul Brown Stadium, and on and on and on.  Brinkman opposed them all.  Many democrats also opposed these initiatives, although their opposition was not principled, just contrary to the Republicans in power.  Again, Brinkman did the right thing with every one of these votes.  Every single one. 
So, please do not be misled by Peter Stautberg's lies this primary election season.  Brinkman is the most solid anti-tax candidate in the race. 
Vote Republican and vote Brinkman on Tuesday.    

# # #

Friday, March 2, 2012

7th SuperPAC Mailer on Schmidt hits -- Feeding Frenzy!

Oh, yeah, Jean Schmidt has had a feeding frenzy of spending and debt since she got to Congress.  The Campaign for Primary Accountability tags it nicely!

These guys are good.  Thanks for the help!!!

Enquirer strikes out on endorsements -- three for three bad choices

Oh wow.  Where do we start.  Maggie Buchanan and Ray Cooklis got it wrong, dead wrong, on all of their three endorsements today.

First, in the Schmidt/Wenstrup race, we have a disgraced Congressman with serious problems with honesty, and legal and ethical troubles out the wazoo, and all they say about the topic is: "She has made herself vulnerable" with her bad choices.  And they ignore the stellar accomplishments and credentials of Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup.

Second, they fail to understand the clear superiority of Tom Brinkman over Peter Stautberg in the 27th Ohio House District race, and we understand did not even bother to interview the candidates.

In the 31st House District democrat contest, the Enquirer endorsed the eternally dim Denise Driehaus who thought the solution to the foreclosure crisis was to outlaw foreclosures.  Yes, she is that dumb.

So, as Ohio sinks into the pit of economic desperation, and the nation remains mired in debt and gridlock, remember that the Enquirer thought that all three of these incumbents were doing just a dandy job.  The failures of the Enquirer Ed Board after Maggie Buchanan came to town are legion, and this lineup is par for the course from these two clowns.

Canton Repository speaks out for public records access as well

Here is a good editorial today from the Canton Repository on access to public records.  We have to stand together on this stuff!  The politicians and bureaucrats will make it as tough as possible every single time if they can.  We can't let them get away with it.  Eternal vigilance, and all that stuff...

Presidential. Congressional and State Rep primary day is Tuesday, March 6

Please remember to get out and vote, everyone, and tell your friends as well!

ACLU advocates for felons to have rights to circulate petitions

While the COAST Board has not taken a formal position on this issue, COASTers value the right to petition to force a public vote on issues of importance to the community.  The ACLU is litigating to allow convicted felons to be petition circulators.  We wonder, why not?  Read about it here.

Columbus Dispatch speaks out on public records

As COASTers know, timely and complete access to public records many times is our only defense against abusive government policies.  The Columbus Dispatch today speaks out about the importance of public records.