Sunday, March 31, 2013

Where's Roxanne?

Immediately following Judge Winkler's ruling, and since, we've heard from Mayor Mallory, City Manager Dohoney, the City Solicitor, Laure Quinlivan and Chris Seelbach, all wringing their hands and striking out against those who would allow Citizens to exercise their rights.

On the other side, we've heard from Christopher Smitherman, Amy Murray, Pete Witte and the man who seeks to be the next Mayor and plunge himself head first into the City's budget fiasco, John Cranley.

The one person we haven't heard from, the one person who seems to have studiously avoided public comment is Roxanne Qualls. She is running for Mayor, she voted for the horrific Parking Plot deal, she voted for the emergency ordinance designed to disenfranchise Cincinnatians. And yet, now that the heat has been turned up, she cannot be found...

Of course, we know where she can be found ideologically if not physically - shoulder to shoulder with Mallory and Dohoney as they seek to drive Cincinnati further into debt as they walk out the door


  1. I heard her on 700 WLW Wednesday morning.

    1. We asked where she's been since Thursday, so your comment is superfluous. Thanks for trying though.

  2. She doesn't need to hold a hey look at me I'm relevant conference like Cranley.

    Smitherman loves to hear his own voice. And most the stuff he spewed on WLW Saturday night were lies.

    And who exactly are Amy Murray and Pete Witte?

  3. Friday she was at the 111th graduating class of the Cincinnati Fire DepFriday she was at the 111th graduating class of the Cincinnati Fire Department.


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