Wednesday, October 31, 2012

COAST brings suit against Cincinnati Public Schools

COAST filed suit against Cincinnati Public Schools and Superintendent Mary Ronan for violating an earlier agreement for CPS to cease and desist from using CPS resources for political purposes.

As detailed in the complaint below, Ronan and others under Ronan's supervision used CPS resources to coordinate with a pro-tax levy organization.  This is in direct contravention of the agreement between  CPS and COAST which settled an earlier action.

Ronan and CPS need to understand and respect that they are a public body and must refrain from misusing public funds for political purposes.

COAST v CPS complaint.pdf

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Protect Your Vote Ohio - No On Issue 2

Stark Differences in Senate Race

COAST endorses Josh Mandel

In the past two years Ohio's financial situation has gone from dire to sustainable.  Due, in no small measure, to the efforts of State Treasurer Josh Mandel

In many ways Mandel reminds us of Congressional Candidate, Brad Wenstrup.  Each man, when looking to serve their country went first to the military, not elective office like so many "public servants."  As a Marine, Josh served two tours of Iraq, earning the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal on both occasions.

In contrast, his opponent left college and immediately sought elective office.  He has held elective office almost continuously for nearly forty years!  Sherrod Brown is often considered to be one of America's most liberal Senators, along with the likes of Barbara Boxer and Dick Durbin.

Mandel is a committed conservative and steadfast voice for limited government.  COAST has long understood that the problem with Washington is the people that we send there.  And, as Mandel is fond of saying, "The only way to change Washington is to change the people you send there."

Mandel's record of service is impeccable.  A Senate delegation of Portman and Mandel will bring a real glimmer to Ohio.

COAST fully endorses Josh Mandel for United States Senate.

Read all of the COAST 2012 endorsements here.

COAST files suit to stop Blue Ash Airport Sale

Last Friday COAST attorney, Chris Finney, filed a lawsuit to stop the sale of the Blue Ash Airport.

Lucy May at the Cincinnati Business Courier has the story here.

Read the filing below:
Blue Ash Airport Lawsuit Complaint

More on this story to come.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Union Township Trustees Celebrate Corruption

The Union Township Trustees have declared November 6, 2012 as "Jean Schmidt Day."  Read about it here.

We note just a small sampling of the disgraceful acts of this most disgraceful woman: Lying about endorsements, Lying about her education, Making False Statements on her Financial Disclosure forms, Accepting over $500,000 in illegal gifts from special interest group The Turkish Coalition of America.

And the elected leadership of Union Township chose to honor this woman??

And pray tell, what exactly has Jean Schmidt actually accomplished?  What legislation has she sponsored that benefited the people of Union Township, or anyone?  Where has she lead?

Anyone?? Anyone??


As a final thought, we note the most delicious irony.  On November 6, while Union Township's politicians celebrate Jean Schmidt, the rest of the Second District will be electing a true leader, a man of integrity: Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup.  Happy Jean Schmidt Day!

East, West, North and South Three fantastic choices for Congress

COAST endorses Wenstrup, Chabot and Massie

Whether you are from the east side, the west side, north in Warren County or across the river in Kentucky, COAST could not be more thrilled with the choices on the ballot this year for the United States Congress.

Starting in northern Kentucky, GOP primary voters selected scientist and entrepreneur Thomas Massie, with Tea Party endorsement and credentials, to succeed Geoff Davis, who served honorably for six years.  Massie is a self-made man who, after making millions as a small business owner, moved home to serve his fellow Kentuckians.  His successful GOP primary race was a decisive victory for the most fiscally conservative of the primary candidates.

Moving to Cincinnati's west side, with added territory in the district of Warren County, Steve Chabot runs for his ninth term in Congress, where he has been a reliable conservative vote.  Most notably, under tremendous pressure from the GOP establishment, Chabot showed his independence in opposing TARP in 2010.  He endured a decade of close races as his already marginal district tilted further into the democrat column.

Finally, we move into the eastern suburbs of Hamilton County, and over to Clermont, Brown and Highland Counties.  There, COAST- endorsed Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup energized tea party candidates throughout the nation with his March primary win, one of the earliest in the nation.   His resume glistens with his experience as a surgeon, small business owner, Iraqi war veteran, and community volunteer.  When he arrives in Congress, he will be a stand-out from Day #1.

COAST enthusiastically endorses the GOP nominees in Ohio's 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts, as well as Northern Kentucky, and encourages them to go to Congress energized to wrestle the nation's budget problems to the ground without tax increases.

Read all of the COAST 2012 endorsements here.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Issue 4 -- extending Council terms -- is a disaster for Cincinnati

Power grab by Council must be defeated

Last year, COAST's crack legal team nailed Laure Quinlivan for using her office, office equipment and office staff to run her reelection campaign.  She now holds the distinction of being the only member of City Council permanently enjoined by Court order from that illegal activity.

Thus, it is a bit more than slightly ironic that it is Quinlivan who is the prime sponsor of Issue 4, a power grab by members of City Council to extend their terms for four years, and even extend term limits for some.

This Council has nefarious business planned over the coming few years -- extending the Streetcar, increasing taxes, laying off police and firemen, and continuing their refusal to address the City's acute and chronic pension problems.  But the only way they can continue their odious conduct unchecked is if they eliminate the ability of the voters to remove them from office.  That is the cynical and megalomaniacal plot behind Issue 4.

Fortunately, a broad coalition of community leadershas joined in opposition to Issue 4, including COAST and its Chairman Tom Brinkman, former members of Council Amy Murray (Republican), Jeff Berding (Democrat), former Council member Chris Bortz (Charterite/Republican), and former Mayor Charlie Luken (Democrat).  In almost unprecedented unity, the Republican Party and Charter Committee oppose Issue 4.  Former Council candidate Kevin Flynn (who serves as Charter Committee Chair) has shown impressive leadership on the issue.  The amendment is opposed by the NAACP and the Black Baptist Ministers, and African American leaders Christopher Smitherman, Dock Foster and Charlie Winburn.

Indeed, COAST sees in the Issue 4 opposition a potential coalition to bring sanity to City hall, black and white, east, central and west, and Republican, Democrat and Charterite.

Very simply, COAST believes that Cincinnati's voters rightly should reject this power grab by incumbent Council members on election day.  They should preserve the voters' veto of the policies of this or any Council.

Vote NO on Issue 4.  Request a Yard Sign Here.

No on Issue 4 Advertisement

Citizens for Accountability in Government (there's a novel idea!) have released their first ad on Youtube.

The shamelessness of Laure Quinlivan and others on Council on this is astounding.  Issue 4 is nothing more than a naked power and money grab from one of the most reckless and foolish council's in Cincinnati History.  It's time to put the brakes on and stop this nonsense.

Request your No on 4 Sign here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wayne Lippert Raises the Bar

Quality, capable candidate for County Recorder 

Many times, the candidates who run for office will have their best job ever if they win.  And the citizenry is the worse for it.

Occasionally, a candidate comes along who surprises and pleases you with the principle, intelligence, education, experience, talent, and ability they bring to the job.  It is so with Wayne Lippert, Republican Candidate for Hamilton County Recorder.

Just last year, Lippert ran and lost a spirited race to hold his seat on Cincinnati City Council in a year that saw a sweep by the craziest liberals ever to ascend to that body.  And it was a tremendous loss for the taxpayers, too.  Lippert was a voice of sanity on the streetcar, the insolvent retirement system, and the structurally imbalanced City budget.

County Recorder is a somewhat technical, bureaucratic job that primarily entails seeing to the proper recording and indexing of real estate and other official documents.  Lippert explains on his web site why he is running:

I am running for County Recorder to improve a long-neglected office. The Recorder's Office has not been operating at its full potential for several years, and has fallen behind many other counties in Ohio when it comes to technological advancements, customer service, and providing access to documents and services. I want to bring my skills and experience gained in the public and the private sectors to ensure it provides the highest level of service to our citizens.
The real estate records of many counties in Ohio are accepted and accessible electronically, both saving millions in staff time, and making title information available remotely.  Lippert promises to bring an aggressive approach to this advance.   

In addition, instead of cutting fat within his budget, the incumbent Recorder decided to balance his budget by reducing public access to the Recorder's Office. As if that isn't bad enough, he has publicly promised to further reduce access to records unless his budget demands are met.  Lippert has stated in no uncertain terms that he opposes such a move, and will reverse the reduced office hours if elected.  

Lippert has a Masters in Business Administration Degree in Finance from the Kogod School of Business at The American University in Washington, D.C. and worked for four years as an aide to then-Congressman Rob Portman, ultimately serving as Portman's point person on health care and federal budget issues

His commitment to public service is obvious and admirable.

In addition, Wayne is a successful entrepreneur, serving as a Principal at Truepoint, Inc., widely recognized as one of the nation's premier wealth management firms, and is a Certified Financial Planner, CFP®.

COAST proudly endorses Lippert as our next Hamilton County Recorder.
Learn more about Wayne at

Read all of the COAST 2012 endorsements here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sean Donovan still promoting higher taxes?

(Disclaimer: This is a personal editorial.  The views represented are mine and those who agree with me, and are not an official COAST position.  COAST has chosen not to endorse in this race.)

In 2006 Hamilton County voters were asked to approve a 25-cent Sales Tax increase for a new jail.  57% said no.

In 2007 Hamilton County voters voted on a 50-cent Sales Tax increase for a new jail.  Sean Donovan campaigned heavily for it.  56% said no.

Two jail taxes, two crushing defeats.  Hamilton County voters have made their voices loud and clear.  Most people long accepted it.  Mr. Donovan doesn't appear to be one of them - he is still on a mission to raise your taxes:

"It's my mission as sheriff to let the commissioners know and let the public know that the jail situation is overcrowded, we do need a facility, we have taken every creative measure we can think of to alleviate and house the most severe criminals."

When Donovan says we need a new facility, I'm afraid we know exactly what that means.  What part of no does he not understand?  Hamilton County voters made their decision - twice - and Donovan needs to respect it.

This is hardly Donovan's only questionable stance.  For years he has been a vocal supporter of the Cincinnati streetcar.  Donovan refuses to support a Performance Audit of the Sheriff's Department.  These audits have identified $24 of savings for each $1 of audit costs.  After 25 years of Si Leis, this audit is needed more than ever to help reform the department.

Donovan's opponent, Jim Neil, could not be more different.  Neil opposes higher taxes for a new jail.  Neil will not endorse the streetcar, and Neil has made his support for a Performance Audit a central part of his platform.  For those of us who support fiscal responsibility and want to bring reform to the Sheriff's Department, it's become rather easy to determine which candidate deserves our support.

COAST warmly endorses Joe Deters for Prosecutor

Consistent leader for Hamilton County

We all know know Joe Deters for his long-time service as Hamilton County Prosecutor, usually from his latest tough-on-crime announcement about the latest miscreant on the evening news.

Of course, his performance on criminal justice issues is an important part of his job and he does that very well.

But there are two other aspects of Joe Deters' job that are more central to COAST's core mission of controlling taxes and spending, and stopping the abuse of power by local public officials.

The first of those is the Civil Division in the Prosecutor's office, representing the County in its transactional and litigation affairs.  There, the prosecutor's office is one of Cincinnati's larger law firms, defending the County against legal challenges daily.  In that capacity, the Prosecutor's office performs admirably.  Joe Deters' leadership in clipping the wings of the democrat commission when it was wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside counsel for the Banks was especially admirable, a battle he won after pitched legal battle with the Commission.  That alone saved the County millions. 

The second is Joe Deters' leadership within the community and the GOP, which has been consistent and highly influential for many years.  Deters' refusal to endorse the 2007 Super-Sized Jail tax helped spell its demise.  He has been an outspoken opponent of the Cincinnati Streetcar project, pointing to its folly before we address criminal justice concerns.  He has led the County in selecting its judicial and non-judicial candidate slates, producing for the most part quality leaders year in and year out. 

Joe Deters has built a powerful leadership base in Hamilton County, and consistently has elected to use that influence for a better Hamilton County.  We add him to our list of 2012 endorsed candidates and wish him success in another term as County Prosecutor.


Read all of the COAST 2012 endorsements here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Enquirer Congressional endorsements are bizarre

Southwest Ohio is the home of John Boehner, speaker of the United States House of Representatives, arguably one of the three most powerful elected officials in the nation.

For some, it is a source of pride.  For others it might be the source of significant criticism.  But for a respectable hometown newspaper, it ought to elicit some strong commentary one way or the other.

Not for the Enquirer editorial page.  The home of John Boehner had only this to say in their 2012 "endorsements":
Boehner has been the House leader since 2010, guiding what is at times an unruly delegation. While he was speaker of the House, the approval rating for Congress, as measured by the Gallup Poll, fell to 10 percent, partly because of partisan gridlock. That’s not all on Republican Boehner and the GOP-controlled House, of course. It takes two to maintain gridlock, and the Democratic-controlled Senate is as much to blame.

But this election is an opportunity to begin again and Boehner will be in a position to lead. He may or may not be elected speaker in the next Congress, which convenes in January. But either way, he’ll be influential. And with no serious challengers on the horizon in his home district, we expect him to take some risks and lead toward the middle.
Likewise, the paper had virtually no enthusiasm for or against Congressman Steve Chabot and Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup, who certainly will be the star of the Freshman class in the House this year.

Literally, the opinion piece had nothing interesting, creative, or controversial to say about these three fine candidates.  Yet, every two years they managed to make excuses for their pet Congressman Jean Schmidt.  Thank God she's been defeated so we don't have to read their biannual apologia on their OH-2 favorite.

For COAST, we say that we have had some policy disagreements with John Boehner, especially on spending and the debt limit, but still we are bursting with pride for all three of our local Republican nominees and endorse them heartily for election. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

November 7

How will the United States look the day after the 2012 election, November 7? 

The answer is instructive as to how we should act from now until that time.

First, absent come cataclysm, John Boehner will continue as Speaker of the House, sparing America of another Nancy Pelosi speakership.  And, the Tea Party wing of the House, although already starting to be worn down by the ways of Washington, will remain a potent force to block destructive deficit spending.  Reinforcements like Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup will re-energize the conservative forces to gird for two more years of budget battles.

Second, it appears to be only a remote possibility that the GOP will re-take the U.S. Senate, dethroning Harry Reid.  The only hope for this occurring appears at present to be a fairly large Romney tide that rolls in a Senate Majority with him.

Finally, the President race.  The data appears to give both parties hope, indeed confidence, going into election day.  Rasmussen and Gallup give Governor Romney a significant and growing edge in the national popular vote, but most polls show President Obama leading in the majority of swing states.  There are any number of polling theories that would lead to a conclusion that Romney is likely to prevail in both the popular vote and the swing states by a significant margin to secure victory on election day.

In any event, the Senate contest and the Presidential race is unlikely to give either party the decisive victory that 1994, 2006, 2008 and 2010 provided, meaning that the results will provide no strong mandate for any specific legislative direction in Washington.  Further, the Senate is 100% assured to have numbers to assure a filibuster for whichever party is out of power. 

Certainly a Romney win and a McConnell Senate Presidency would show a palpable rejection of the democrats' wild spending over the past four years.

CONVERSELY, If President Obama wins and the democrats hold the Senate, a credible case could be made that the democrat plan to eliminate all or part of the Bush tax cuts would be propelled forward.  That, combined with the dire deficit numbers, are the most dangerous possible momentum coming from November's election results.

At this stage, only small numbers of voters are going to change their minds, and most undecideds will be breaking for Romney.  Thus, for both candidates, goosing turnout in swing states is the prime, and perhaps exclusive, election strategy.  To win the Presidency and have a chance of winning the Senate, fiscal conservatives must turn out the Ohio vote for Romney/Ryan and Mandel.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, in a truly make-or-break situation, we must make those calls and send those e-mails.  Get your family, friends, co-workers, and fellow parishioners out to the polls, and proudly tell them of the critical importance of voting for the GOP!




Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Attention Cincinnati Residents:No On 4 Yard Signs Available

Imagine a world where Cincinnati City Council members don't have to face the voters every two years. Where voters aren't able to hold their leaders accountable.  Where City Council can disappear into the bowels of City Hall for four years at a time doling out grants and special deals to favored insiders.  This is world where the Streetcar debacle becomes the new norm.  This is a world where Roxanne Qualls and Mayor Mallory can strong-arm a compliant council into voting for even the most horrible of ideas.

Why?  Because with four year terms, Council races will become even more of a Name ID race and the incumbent protection racket that is Issue 4 will virtually guarantee that incumbents are re-elected.

No On 4 Yard Signs are available for pick up at the Hamilton County Republican Party Headquarters (7th and Walnut) and the Downtown Victory Center (646 Main Street).

If you can't make it downtown, fill out the form below to have a sign delivered to your home or business.

Leaders from across the political spectrum oppose Issue 4.  Former Council members like Amy Murray (R) and Jeff Berding (D); The Charter Party, Republican Party, COAST and the NAACP all oppose Issue 4.  To learn more about the bi-partisan group leading the fight against Issue 4, check out

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

COAST Announces Endorsements

COAST board members voted to endorse the following candidates:

                Romney/Ryan for President
                Mandel for U S Senate
                Chabot for Congress
                Wenstrup for Congress
                Massie for Congress

                Kennedy for Supreme Court

                DeWine for Court of Appeals

                Deters for Prosecutor
                Kambelos for Coroner
                Goering for Treasurer
                Deters for Prosecutor
                Lippert for Recorder

                Mike Wilson for State Rep.
                NO on Issue 2     (liberal power grab)
                NO on Issue 4     (career politician protection)
                NO on Issue 42  (rewarding the failed Cincinnati Public Schools)

Early voting has begun in Ohio.  In Hamilton County early voting is at the Board of Elections office: 824 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Check Early Voting Hours here.

Get a preview of your ballot and check your Election Day polling place here.

Monday, October 1, 2012

City wasting millions on Anna Louise Inn -- for favored developer !

If you follow COAST, it would be easy to conclude that Mayor Mallory and this City Council are recklessly irresponsible with our tax dollars -- a Streetcar, a glass atrium, and a hopelessly bankrupt pension fund are but a few examples.

But the waste does not stop with these projects.  Rather, it appears to be pervasive throughout the Mallory administration, including wasting millions on the Anna Louise Inn renovation -- far beyond what is needed to renovate a comparable facility.

Consider this:  

In 2008, the non-profit that owns the Anna Louise Inn put the real estate on the market, after its Board concluded that residential services were no longer core to their mission.  Later, they changed their mind and sought a $13 million bailout from Cincinnati taxpayers. 

But here's the not-so-funny part:

If you compare the cost of the non-profit housing planned at the Anna Louise, to the luxury Phelps Hotel (a brand new Residence Inn) almost right next door, the cost to the taxpayers is two and a half times as expensive.  

Yes, the absolutely crazy Council is spending $429 per square foot to renovate the non-profit Anna Louise, compared to only $175 per foot needed to turn the Phelps into a full-service luxury hotel.  The Phelps' room are much larger, averaging 682 square feet, compared to the Anna Louisa's 357 SF footprints, but the cost per unit is $153,000 for the Anna Louisa compared to $119,000 for the Phelps -- 30% more for the taxpayer-supported non-profit.

Western & Southern has put together this chart showing clearly the profligate waste of tax dollars on this project. 

And, here's the kicker -- within the renovation costs paid by taxpayers is a $1.6 million developer fee and the developer is none other than Streetcar booster Bobby Maly!

So, we now see how this Council works -- like Chicago-style cronies -- the payoff comes to their friends, and the taxpayers get left holding the bag.

No on 4 ! 

And as if we needed another reason to oppose Cincinnati's Issue 4 -- extending Council terms to four years.  This Council, more than ever, needs the accountability that elections provide.  Can you imagine this group unchecked by the electorate?  

Businesses invested in the Welfare State Lobby for More Government

We can't say we were shocked that businesses that feed off of massive federal spending are lobbying for a continuation of their Gravy train, but we were taken aback a bit by the brazenness with this publication from Peck, Shafer & Williams shilling for continuation of President Obama's Build America program.

See this attached "Legal Alert" from Cincinnati's leading bond counsel.  From the bulletin:
Issuers of Build America Bonds (BABs) may not receive their full federal subsidies if massive federal budget cuts are implemented under sequestration, or the so-called "fiscal cliff."
You see, the never ending cycle of tax and spend is fostered by the beneficiaries, rich and poor, of the taxpayer largess.

Rip it out by its roots!  It's the only answer.