Thursday, April 22, 2010

COAST endorses both Weidman, Wilson in 28th

Bounty of blessings in leadership offerings

COAST is pleased to announce a co-endorsement of two eminently qualified candidates for Ohio’s 28th House District to replace a lockstep pro-Strickland vote, Connie Pillich this fall. COAST heartily recommends for the Republican nomination both Tom Weidman and Mike Wilson.

Rarely have two more dynamic gentlemen, and true leaders of the conservative movement, emerged in Ohio. However, 28th District voters have a choice between the two of them – and a third candidate – to take on Connie Pillich in one of the top-target seats for a Republican pickup this fall.

Tom Weidman is an incumbent Sycamore Township Trustee. As such, he has carefully managed the finances of this suburb, and led the Republican team there to electoral success. In 2006, Weidman chaired the Phil Heimlich for Commissioner Campaign, and has lent his name and hard work to numerous Republican efforts. COAST has particularly warm feelings for Weidman as someone who has personally helped us raise funds, collect signatures and make an impact each time it counted. When COAST opposed State funding for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Weidman led the Sycamore Trustees in an official resolution against the wasted funds and encouraged other Townships to do the same. The list of issues on which he has taken affirmative leadership, and on which he has succeeded in delivering wins, is significant.

Another candidate in the race is newer to the political scene, but no less accomplished – Mike Wilson. In early 2009, at the low ebb of Republican confidence, Wilson organized a rag tag band of protesters into an amazing display of support for policies of limited government. His March 2009 Cincinnati Tea Party not only packed Fountain Square with more than 6,000 protesters, but was the first significant rally in the nation, igniting the flames of hope that have since enveloped the Nation. This stunning display of power – against all odds of success – has launched a nationwide movement. Though a political novice, Wilson has shown a steady and principled hand on the rudder of the Tea Party movement, leading it to be a responsible conservative voice in Southwest Ohio, and a reliable partner for COAST in a variety of activities.

COAST could not choose between the two, but 28th District Republicans will have to. The 28th Ohio House District includes such north-central Hamilton County suburbs as Montgomery, Blue Ash, Sharonville, Forest Park, Glendale, Lockland and others.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two important matters for COASTers

(1) Please come to the Tea Party event Thursday
(2) What is wrong with Kevin DeWine?

Important Tea Party event.
Those opposing unrestrained taxes and spending by Republicans and Democrats have been immeasurably emboldened and strengthened by the Tea Parties nationally and by a particularly strong and well-led movement in southwest Ohio. Tea Partiers have also partnered with COAST on numerous projects.

They have graciously invited all Tea Partiers to the tax day event this Thursday, April 15 with Fox News' Sean Hannity and John Kasich at U.C.'s Fifth Third Arena at 6 PM. It is going to be an event of national significance, and we need a strong turnout. Please get your tickets here. COASTer support of this event is crucial.

What is wrong with Kevin DeWine?
We will try to make this as simple and direct as possible: Something stinks at the Ohio Republican Party.

For months and months, major candidates and party officials have sought ways to build bridges with Tea Party leaders in order to bring that energy into a dying GOP, strangled by the likes of George W. Bush and Bob Taft.

Kevin DeWine, who is the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party angered those activists with shenanigans surrounding the Ohio Attorney General's race, and had that spill over into an unfortunate endorsement of David Yost in the State Auditor's race and Jon Husted in the Secretary of State. That was two sticks poked in the eyes of conservative voters, but kind of what you would expect from the GOP leaders in Columbus.

But now Kevin DeWine and the Ohio GOP have gone too far. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars in state party resources sending mailings "endorsing" candidates for the Republican State Central Committee, the very Committee that elects DeWine and controls the state GOP.

But here's the real problem -- the claimed GOP "endorsements" never happened from what COAST can tell. There was never a meeting, there was never a vote, and there was never an endorsement by the Republican State Central Committee of any the State Central Committee candidates.

Kevin DeWine simply made it up.

Read here the false statements complaint of Clermont County Republican State Central Committee Thea Shoemate against Kevin DeWine. It has all the facts.

So, COAST asks: What the heck is wrong with Kevin DeWine? And does he expect to win elections in the Fall while poking Tea Parties in the eye in the Spring? Really?

Monday, April 12, 2010

COAST asks conservative voters to remember Leslie Ghiz record when voting in this year's primary election

"Just because I'm a Republican
doesn't mean anything"
-- Leslie Ghiz, August 2, 2006

This May's Republican primary election pits Republicans Leslie Ghiz and Chris Monzel against each other for the County Commission seat being vacated by democrat David Pepper.

Ironically, it was less than four years ago that Leslie Ghiz actively advocated for a democrat takeover of the County Commission, endorsing David Pepper's election over a giant of the conservative movement in Hamilton County, Republican Phil Heimlich. In making that surprise endorsement on the Bill Cunningham show on WLW, Ghiz declared:

"Just because I'm a Republican doesn't mean anything."

Of course, Ghiz' endorsement of David Pepper resulted in a democrat takeover of the County Commission, the first time in more than 40 years.

Ghiz' flirting with the uber-wealthy Pepper dynasty did not end with the endorsement of liberal democrat David Pepper. Rather, her ties to the Pepper clan appears to be a consistent theme of her public service.

After Pepper's election, she became one of the leading cheerleaders of his Super-Sized Sales Tax that was rejected by 56% of County voters. In 2007, Ghiz was part of the campaign team trying to block ballot access for the COAST petition drive to force the tax to a public vote.

Throughout the Pepper tenure on the County Commisison, Ghiz led public relations actions designed to advance the democrat Pepper/Portune agenda.

Also in 2007, Ghiz co-sponsored a motion to give $1 million in taxpayer funds to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The NURFC is, of course, chaired by John Pepper, and he has been the leader in soliciting public funds for that failed institution.

The payoff for Ghiz? The Pepper family has made political donations to Ghiz of more than $3,500.

Further, John and David Pepper work tirelessly behind the scenes to help Ghiz political career. The test of those efforts are this year's Republican primary election.

On the broader questions of her fiscal record, in all candor, Ghiz has publicly displayed more fiscal restraint than many of her left-wing Council members, particularly in recent public debates on Council budgets. However, on the major issues before our community, such as the Super-Sized Jail Tax, Ghiz consistently comes out on the wrong side of the issues.

She was a consistent supporter of the failed $180 million Trolley proposal until she decided to run for Commission, and actively joined the opposition to Issue 9 (that would have forced the Trolley plan to a public vote) last year.

During her time on Council, the millions from the Anthem demutualization was squandered, and the City's pension fund has gone virtually bankrupt.

Overall, COAST sees little hope in her voting record and community activism that Hamilton County will be better under her leadership and sees many troubling indicators of pandering to wealthy and influential democrats for her own advancement.

COAST encourages its readers to take all of this into account before voting on May 4.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

COAST Issues Endorsements in Ohio Republican Central Committee Races

COAST encourages votes for
Lori Viars, Bob McEwen, Mark Haverkos,
Bobbi Radeck and Joanne Kemmerer

It is an obscure Committee about which most voters have almost no knowledge, yet it wields tremendous power over the governance of Ohio and the direction of the Republican Party -- the Ohio Republican Central Committee. This committee elects the Ohio Republican Party Chairman and makes endorsements in state-wide races, many times pre-primary when Republican voters actually get their say.

This year, the State GOP has made the unfortunate decision to announce endorsements in these races, and to expend state party resources in preserving the power structure in Columbus -- an unfortunate (and kind of creepy) use of GOP monies. (In fact, we understand that the GOP has not endorsed in these races at all.) We ask that you ignore the GOP endorsements and look to recommendations of independent groups, like those of COAST.

This year, there are dozens of contested races across the State for these important seats. COAST has researched the candidates for these races in Southwest Ohio and makes its recommendations to you today. Each district has one man and one woman elected for each political party.

7th. In the 7th District (eastern portions of Hamilton County and all of Warren County), COAST recommends Lori Viars and Bob McEwen. COAST notes that Mary Anne Christie is also running for the woman's seat. COAST appreciates the outreach that Ms. Christie has made to conservatives and COAST over the past few years, but prefers Lori Viars, a lioness of the conservative movement in Ohio and nation.

9th. In the 9th District, Cincinnati's west side, for the woman's seat, COAST recommends Joanne Kemmerer, a solid conservative and long-time friend of COAST. Kemmerer's opponent is Amber Burke Sprengard, a dangerous and committed advocate of big government who actively campaigned last year against Issue 9, the amendment to stop Cincinnati's foolish trolley proposal.

4th. In the 4th District race (Butler County), COAST endorses Mark Haverkos for the man's seat and Roberta Jean (Bobbi) Radeck for the woman's seat. See their web site here.

Please remember these candidates when you vote.

COAST Endorses Shannon Jones for Ohio Senate

COAST announces its enthusiastic endorsement of Shannon Jones for Ohio's 7th Senate District. Jones is running in the May 4 primary to hold the seat to which she was appointed last year upon the passing of State Senator Robert Schuler. The 7th Senate District covers roughly the eastern 1/3 of Hamilton County and all of Warren County.

In endorsing Jones, COAST cited not just her promises on fiscal issues, but also her solid voting record in both the Ohio House and Senate against tax and spending increases.

Like her primary opponent, Jones has taken the pledge of Americans for Tax Reform against raising taxes during the coming Senate term. Beyond that, COAST's review of her voting record has shown that she has never voted in favor of a tax increase as a legislator.

Jones currently is leading two state-wide fights against massive growth in government pushed by President Obama and Governor Strickland. First, Jones has sponsored legislation and is pushing the petition drive to stop socialized medicine from being implemented in Ohio. She also encouraged Ohio's Attorney General to join the suit against the federal health care legislation.

Jones is also a leader in stopping what she refers to as Strickland's Crazy Train, the $400 million, 39-mile-per-hour boondoggle connecting Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Cleveland.

In confronting the massive $8 billion budget gap expected next year, Jones is already working on a task force to develop long-term solutions to the State's over-spending problem, including her support for HB 25 to consolidate the number of state agencies from 20 to 11, which is projected to save $1 billion or more per year. This type of advance planning to scale back spending is exactly the type of forethought missing during the disastrous Taft and Voinovich years.

Absentee voting is underway, and the primary election day is May 4. COAST encourages its supporters to vote for Shannon Jones, volunteer for Shannon Jones and contribute to Shannon Jones' campaign. Her campaign web site is here.

COAST Endorses Sandy O'Brien for Secretary of State

COAST announces its endorsement of Sandra O'Brien for the Republican nomination for Ohio Secretary of State. She is running in the state-wide Republican primary election on May 4, 2010.
According to COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd, "O'Brien is supremely qualified to be Ohio's Chief Elections Officer, bringing to the table knowledge of the electoral process and exceptional integrity."

Among other duties, the Secretary of State is Ohio's Chief Elections Officer, assures that Ohio's elections are properly conducted. The current Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, has made a mockery of the elections system that is supposed to be non-partisan and fair during her four years in office. Just this week, Ohio's Supreme Court ruled that Brunner "abused her discretion" and "clearly disregarded applicable law" in an important elections decision. Last month, the Ohio Supreme Court was ordered that Brunner cease its illegal attempts to "investigate" the committee advancing a ballot issue allowing slots at racetracks. Thus, it is clear that proper use of the of the powers of the Secretary of State is important to everyone who values fair elections.

As a bonus for Ohio's taxpayers, Sandy O'Brien is an accomplished fighter against wasteful government and excessive taxation. She is a particular favorite of COAST, having assisted us repeatedly over the years in many battles against out-of-control spending.

In 2006, O'Brien defeated the Ohio Treasurer candidate hand-picked by Governor Bob Taft, a nice parting gift for our disgraced former Governor.

In 2007, O'Brien came to Cincinnati to rally forces against the Portune/Pepper Super-Sized Jail Tax at a critical moment in the campaign. There, O'Brien shared with the crowd her leadership in defeating a similar tax in Ashtabula County a few years earlier. Her words inspired WeDemandAVote.Com petitioners to gather the 56,951 signatures needed to place the sales tax before the voters.