Friday, March 1, 2013

Plan to sell Cincinnati's parking appears beatable

According to the Enquirer, Chris Seelbach says he is a "no" vote on the parking plan.  We will see.  Until now, he has been a reliable 6th vote for the Mallory/Dohoney/Qualls agenda at City Hall.

If Seelbach is a "no," Mallory and Qualls have only 5 votes for their disastrous plan.  That allows for a referendum by the electorate on the vote, which would then be assurred.

We anxiously awaiting getting these folks on the record, and  seeing if Seelbach has the backbone to stand up to Mallory and Qualls.

If so, it's off to the races!



  1. Will COAST lose again? Looks like it.

    1. Your comment is short-sighted and sad. For us it is not about COAST winning or losing. It is about helping the city win. We believe that if the parking proposal and the streetcar project go forward, the city will lose. It's not about keeping score, it is about helping the city and region that we have made our home.

  2. "For us it is not about COAST winning or losing. It is about helping the city win."

    Total BS. After losing one streetcar refferedum you forced another one. After losing that one, you tried again. And lost.

    COAST doesn't care about the voice of the people, it's about their agenda.

    "It's not about keeping score"

    Because if you did, your score would be pretty disma.

    1. We don't know that dismal is the right word for COAST's record. Jail Tax, Red Light Cameras (in numerous cities throughout Ohio), Death Tax, Water Works Sale, Trash Tax, Jean Schmidt's defeat.
      Have we had our share of failures as well? Certainly. Show me a man who has never failed and I'll show you a man who's never dared.
      But again, it isn't about COAST winning, it is about doing what we believe is best for our community. Politics really is more than just a horserace. We hope that one day you will see that and appreciate that.

    2. Those coasties also got $52 million of state funds pulled from our streetcar project and got a $3 million subsidy from MSD removed. They've cost us $55 million!


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