Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Parking: No word yet

The arguments presented in Friday's dramatic hearing in front of Judge Bob Winkler in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court are aimed at determining whether the citizens of Cincinnati have a right to hold a referendum vote on the disastrous Cincinnati Parking Plot foisted upon us by Roxanne Qualls, Chris Seelbach and a majority of the Council.

Judge Winkler took the matter under advisement, needing time to sort through the facts presented and the arguments made in briefs and orally in Court.

In the meantime, dozens if not hundreds of volunteers, on the streets, inside small businesses, at community Councils, at Fish Frys and in homes throughout the City have been busily gathering the needed 8,500 signatures to place the issue before the voters.  Organizers hope to turn in those signatures no later than month's end.

We wanted to let you know that Judge Winkler has not yet ruled, and indeed is in the middle of a major murder trial.  So, he might not rule any time soon.

But every day we have the injunction in place, is another day that the people of Cincinnati breathe the air of freedom of being able to petition their government, and is another day we have a chance, just a chance, to reclaim this City from an out-of-control City Council.

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