Friday, October 24, 2008

COAST tours Ohio against Issue 5

COAST traveled the state during the last two weeks of September, spreading the word about the privacy violations in Ohio's legislation regulating consumer use of payday loans. A NO vote on Issue 5 repeals this bad legislation.

The legislation that Issue 5 will repeal creates a state-wide database of consumer loan transactions, monitors consumer loan choices, forces borrowers into mandatory re-education classes and limits the number of annual transactions. "The Ohio legislature has enacted a really creepy bill smacking of big-brotherism," said Jason Gloyd. "Once again, the Ohio legislature has voted for bigger, more intrusive government. Vote No on Issue 5."

COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd, Len Grothaus, Steve Dapper, Tom Brinkman and others traveled, alternately, to Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, Stuebenville, Canton, and Zanesville, garnering coverage from more than 25 major media outlets during the tour. The rallies attracted more than 25 participants in each City, resulting in a growth of COAST membership and e-mail database for its newsletter.

COAST issues 2008 candidate and issue endorsements

COAST issued enthusiastic endorsements for Congressman Steve Chabot, Pat DeWine for Common Pleas Court Judge, and Rob Goering for re-election to County Treasurer. Chabot has been a solid and consistent advocate for smaller government in a spend-thrift Congress, and COAST wants to richly thank Pat DeWine and Rob Goering for their opposition to the 2008 Super-Sized Jail Tax. Read all COAST candidate endorsements here. Read all COAST issue endorsements here. Read responses to candidate questionnaires here.

COAST encourages a "Yes" on Issues 7 and 8

COASTers worked long and hard this year to collect signatures on petitions both banning Red Light Cameras and to enact Proportional Representation for City Council elections as part of our WeDemandAVote.Com coalition membership. Both are on the ballot as Issues 7 and 8, and COAST encourages a "YES" vote on each for City voters. Also, Red Light Camera signs are in. Call Chris Finney at 720-2996 to get your signs.

Pay back Portune treachery: vote Rothenberg

Todd Portune is facing re-election this year to the Hamilton County Commission, just one year after defeat of the cornerstone of his policy after a liberal democrat majority took control of the Commission - the Super-Sized Jail tax. Fortunately, COASTer and Republican Ed Rothenberg is challenging this devious politician in November. COAST endorses Rothenberg.

"Todd Portune betrayed his own constituents when he imposed the ½ cent Super-Sized Jail Sales Tax without a public vote," said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd. "Fortunately, the treachery energized both COAST and a broad left-right coalition to collect 56,951 signatures from 642 volunteers to place the issue before the voters."

*COAST erroneously stated the Super-Sized Sales tax was for one-cent in its October Absentee Ballot Endorsements. The Super-Sized Jail Tax increase was for one-half cent only.

Remembering the odious "Deal"

Portune further showed his contempt for the electorate earlier this year with his back-door deal designed to deprive Hamilton County voters of a choice in his election battles. The new magazine called Cincy Magazine provided an excellent analysis of the odious transaction that condemns Hamilton County to no choice but a democrat majority for two more years. Yet another reason to oppose Portune. Read the article here.

County launches open records on-Line

Thanks to the leadership of Pat DeWine, Hamilton County this month launched open on-line County financial records, allowing citizens to search the spending database. Log on here and see how the County is spending your tax dollars. Some waste COAST already uncovered:

1) $60.00 on composting worms
2) $607.00 on blue jean pencils
3) $1300.00 for booths at employment expos and job fairs even though there is a hiring freeze

Send us reports on the waste you have found to COASTUSA@GMail.Com. We will publish a comprehensive list in an upcoming issue of COAST news.

City keeps property tax rollback for one more year

Councilmember Chris Monzel led the drive to prevent Cincinnati City Council from raising the property tax for 2009. Originally enacted by the initiative of Phil Heimlich, the property tax rollback has now survived for eight straight years. Cincinnati property owners are already facing an overall 14% tax increase later this year as a result of a massive increase in taxes for Cincinnati Public Schools. Council members Chris Bortz and Roxanne Qualls led efforts to hike Cincinnati property taxes. Thank you Chris Monzel.

Schmidt backs pork-laden Bush billionaire bailout boondoggle

Despite an outpouring of opposition, running 90% nationally, Congressman Jean Schmidt voted in September for the $850 billion bailout of the financial services industry. Schmidt opposed the bailout before she supported it. The changed that garnered her vote: Democrats added $150 billion in pork and more in special-interest tax breaks. "After six years of supporting every bad tax and spending plan of Bob Taft," said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd, "we are not surprised by this new sell-out of our nation's taxpayers. By signing on to this bill," said Gloyd, "Schmidt supported the fastest descent into socialism ever in the history of this nation." Voters have a chance to get rid of Schmidt this November 4.

Pepper, Portune back Planned Parenthood funding; New County policy of funding abortion provider

Despite a claimed fiscal crisis, on Monday of this week liberal democrats Todd Portune and David Pepper voted to approve funding of Planned Parenthood to the tune of $26,255. COAST joined Cincinnati Right to Life and Citizens for Community Values in e-mailing their members against this misuse of tax funds. An outcry from more than 1,500 residents nearly closed down business in the County administrative offices with calls and e-mails. This decision to fund Planned Parenthood is not intended to be an isolated occurrence. COAST has learned that earlier this year the Family & Children First Council announced that "since the political climate has changed" (i.e., a new liberal majority on the Commission), the Council made Planned Parenthood a subgrantee of the Council," eligible for annual grants. This dramatic switch in policy -- permanently funding Planned Parenthood -- is a big-spending new direction for our County Commission. Commissioner DeWine has introduced a resolution that will work to rectify this new policy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

COAST 2008 Candidate Endorsements

COAST today issued its 2008 candidate endorsements, enthusiastically backing Steve Chabot's re-election to Congress, Pat DeWine's elevation to the Common Pleas Court bench, and returning Rob Goering as County Treasurer. Pat DeWine and Rob Goering were instrumental in 2008 in defeating Todd Portune's Super-Sized Jail Tax. COAST thanks them warmly for their courageous leadership on this issue. The remainder of the candidate endorsements are listed below.

PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT - COAST Endorsement -- John McCain & Sarah Palin (Republican)
Chuck Baldwin & Darrell L. Castle (Constitution Party)
Bob Barr & Wayne Allyn Root (Libertarian)
Richard Duncan & Ricky JohnsonCynthia McKinney & Rosa A. Clemente (Green)
Brian Moore & Stewart Alexander (Socialist)
Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez
Barack Obama & Joe Biden (Democratic)
Donald K. Allen & Christopher D. Borcik (Write-in)
Jonathan Allen & Jeff Stath (Write-in)
James R. Germalic & Martin Wishnatsky (Write-in)
Alan L. Keyes & Brian Rohrbough (Write-in)
Platt Robertson & Scott Falls (Write-in)
Joe Schriner & Dale Way (Write-in)
COAST holds its nose in choosing between two major party candidates who simply fail to understand the plight of everyday taxpayers, but Obama will be worse. Palin shows promise of being a new principled future of the GOP.

Richard Cordray (D)
Mike Crites (R)
Robert M. Owens

U.S. CONGRESS, 1ST DISTRICT - COAST Endorsement -- Steve Chabot (R) (with enthusiasm)
Steve Driehaus (D)
Rich Stevenson (Write-in)
Eric Wilson (Write-in)
Chabot has consistently worked to contain taxes and spending. He is one of the most conservative members of an increasingly unprincipled GOP. Driehaus promises to follow the Barney Frank tradition of fiscal irresponsibility. Chabot has earned our trust and deserves to be re-elected.

David H. Krikorian
Jean Schmidt (R)
Victoria Wulsin (D)
James J. Condit, Jr. (Write-in)
COAST wretches at Schmidt's cynical new advertisement in which she claims to fight for limited government and lower taxes. In addition to being a serial embarassment in Washington, she is also a pronounced sell-out of her conservative Republican constituency. Her departure can not be too soon, but her two opponents have failed to distinguish themselves on tax and spending issues, leaving COAST suspicious that they will be just as bad...they certainly could not be worse.

Daniel J. McCarthy (D)
William J. Seitz (R)
It's hard to imagine a candidate who speaks so conservatively, yet sells out his conservative west-side constituency more thoroughly, but Bill Seitz has distinguished himself in promoting increases in property taxes, sales taxes, cigarette taxes, gasoline taxes, and alcohol and tobacco taxes. Unfortunately, we have no hope his opponent will be any better. Our advice: sit this one out.

Virgil G. Lovitt II (R)
Connie Pillich (D)
Virg Lovitt supports higher sales taxes and funds for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and the "arts." He has been overtly hostile to a limited government agenda and thinks Todd Portune deserves re-election to the County Commission. Unfortunately, his opponent did not respond to the COAST questionnaire. COAST elects to sit on our hands as Lovitt seeks help from the conservatives in his district. Yuck!

Louis W. Blessing, Jr. (R)
Adam Noe (D)

Bob Klug (D)
Bob Mecklenborg (R)
Mecklenborg promised in his heavily contested Republican primary to oppose funding for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It took him only four months to break his promise. It appears he has a promising career in politics.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE - 31ST DISTRICT - COAST endorsement -- Steve Johnson (R)
Denise Driehaus (D)
Steve Johnson is a bright light in a sometimes dreary year. This newcomer has the brains and energy to take Columbus by storm!

Theo Barnes (R)
Dale Mallory (D)

Thomas G. Brown (R)
Tyrone K. Yates (D)
We appreciate Tyrone Yates' courageous leadership against his own Party on the Super-Sized Jail Tax and on the new Proportional Representation proposal. This democrat maverick deserves admiration, but is still too willing to embrace big government for COAST's tastes.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE - 34TH DISTRICT - COAST endorsement -- Peter Stautberg (R)
Jeff Sinnard (D)
Oh how we wish Tom Brinkman had one more term, but we will settle for Mr. Stautberg. It appears he has much to learn about taxes and spending, and we hope he is listening.

STATE REPRESENTATIVE - 35TH DISTRICT - COAST endorsement -- Ron Maag (R)Marcia Garrison (Write-in)
Jonathan Morris (Write-in)
COAST co-endorsed Maag in the primary and has high hopes for him as our new State Representative. We hope he learns the lessons against excessive taxes and spending better than his most disappointing predecessor.

HAMILTON COUNTY COMMISSIONER - COAST endorsement -- Ed Rothenberg (R)
Todd Portune (D)
On the one hand, COAST Board member Ed Rothenberg is a principled and consistent voice for limited government. Without his insistence in May and June of 2007, the sales tax would be 1 cent higher today. On the other hand, Todd Portune is a sinister and consistent agent for unrestrained growth in government. His COAST questionnaire says he might raise the sales tax yet again without a public vote. He is a malignant tumor on the County that cannot be excised too soon.

HAMILTON COUNTY COMMISSIONER - COAST endorsement -- Greg Hartmann (R) Chris Dole (D)
Greg has been a leader in the Red Light Camera ban and shows great promise in understanding the need for a limited government agenda. Despite tremedous pressure, he refrained from joining the Republican chorus in 2008 for a Super-Sized Jail Sales Tax increase and was almost alone in calling for Bob Taft to resign before the end of his term. We encourage Mr. Hartman to fulfill his great potential in his first term on the Commission.

CLERK OF COURT OF COMMON PLEAS - COAST endorsement -- Patricia M. Clancy (R)Martha Good (D)
We do not forget that Clancy, like so many other Republicans voted for each and every one of Bob Taft's tax increases, and we see zero evidence she learned her lesson, but we will hold our nose and vote for her to prevent this important office from falling into the hands of someone perhaps marginally worse. Yuck number 2!

COUNTY RECORDER - COAST endorsement -- Rebecca Prem Groppe (R)
Wayne Coates (D)
Groppe has grown into her role as Recorder and resisted pressure to endorse the Super-Sized Jail Sales Tax increase. COAST recommends her return to office.

COUNTY TREASURER - COAST Endorsement -- Robert A. Goering (R) (with enthusiasm)Steve Brinker (D)
COAST cannot thank Rob Goering enough for endorsing a "no" vote on the Super-Sized Jail Sales Tax increase. His vision and insight into County budget issues, and his tremendous courage in just the right timing helped turn the tide in COAST's favor on this defining issue for a decade. Thank you Rob Goering! Let's return him to office.

JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT - 6 YR TERM - COMM. 1-1-09 - COAST Endorsement -- Maureen O'Connor
Joseph D. Russo

JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT - 6 YR TERM - COMM. 1-2-09 - COAST Endorsement -- Evelyn L. Stratton
Peter M. Sikora


JUDGE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS - 6 YR TERM - COMM. 1/04/09 - COAST Endorsement -- Pat DeWine (R) (with enthusiasm)
Norma J.H. Davis

JUDGE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS - 6 YR TERM - COMM. 1/01/09 - COAST Endorsement -- Melba D. Marsh

JUDGE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS - 6 YR TERM COMM. 2/10/09 - COAST Endorsement -- Fred Nelson
Jerry Metz

Jody Luebbers

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

COAST 2008 Issue Endorsements

COAST announces the following endorsements for 2008 ballot issues:

Ohio Issue 1 - NO. This is a cynical attempt by the state legislature to reduce citizen involvement in the process of governing by making it more difficult to place state issues on the ballot.

Ohio Issue 2 - NO. This is more excessive spending by the state, resulting in yet more burdens on the taxpayers to re-pay these bonds.

Ohio Issue 3 - YES. In a tough analysis, COAST encourages voters to support this initiative to protect Lake Erie property owners.

Ohio Issue 4 - This issue has been withdrawn, but COAST was opposed.

Ohio Issue 5 - NO. COAST supports this repeal of a bad and unnecessary law limiting lending choices for Ohio wage earners. Because this is a referendum on a legislative enactment, a "No" vote is required to vindicate the position of the citizenry in opposition to this law. The original legislative bill that Issue 5 repeals contains utterly Orwellian privacy violations, which COAST will highlight more as the campaign goes forward.
(2008-11-02 Update) This law not only limits interest rates on short term loans, but limits the number of loans a borrower may get per year. To enforce the limitation, Ohio will maintain a database of borrowers containing their personal financial information. State government has a terrible history of losing, mishandling, and compromising the privacy of private financial records. The law also requires frequent borrowers to undergo financial counselling at what amounts to a government reeducation camp. People should be free to conduct their financial affairs according to their individual needs. We don't need a nanny-state treating our citizens like children who can't tie their own shoes.

Ohio Issue 6 - NO. COAST was unanimous in opposing this bad initiative allowing for casino gambling at a single site in Clinton County, Ohio. Some COASTers oppose legalized gambling. Others recognized primarily that the tax revenues for state and local governments simply allow them to avoid the reality that the problem is excessive spending. Finally, all opposed the notion that the state would - by Constitutional Amendment - grant a gambling franchise to a single landowner in Clinton County. This cynical and greedy proposal should be rejected.

Issue 7 - YES. Cincinnatians need to vote "YES" to ban pernicious red light cameras pushed (repeatedly) by rapacious politicians. Vote YES to ban red light cameras permanently in Cincinnati.

Issue 8 YES. COAST endorses Proportional Representation for Cincinnati City Council elections. It is difficult to imagine electing a worse Council than at present. Further, this issue, as with Issue 7, was advanced by our partnership with the NAACP, Libertarians and the Green Party known as the WeDemandAVote.Com coalition, which is building bridges for progress in the City and County.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jason Gloyd, COAST Chairman, (513) 240-4996.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dr. Evil Headlines Mini-Me Fundraiser

What kind of congressman would Steve Driehaus be? Would he represent the conservative family values of western Hamilton County? They say you can measure a man by the company he keeps; and we got a glimpse of the real Steve Driehaus this weekend.

Driehaus needed a headliner for his fundraiser Saturday at the Queen City Club. Did he bring in a fiscally responsible pro-life Democrat? Nope. He tapped his all-time favorite hero, Barney Frank.

The same Barney Frank who was reprimanded by Congress in 1990 when his employee/lover was found running a gay prostitution service from Frank’s Capitol Hill apartment. Frank, openly homosexual since 1987, also founded the Stonewall Democrats, and the “Frank Rule” for outing closeted gay Republicans.

The same Barney Frank who caused the current financial crisis. The “Patron Saint” of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who in the early nineties used his position on the Financial Services Committee to strong-arm those institutions into making bad loans to “underprivileged families.” Who as recently as July, 2008 said on CNBC, "I think this is a case where Fannie and Freddie are fundamentally sound, that they are not in danger of going under."

In 2003 Frank rejected Bush administration proposals for increased oversight of Fannie Mae and ignored the need for further government intervention in the mortgage lending industry and stated “These two entities -- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -- are not facing any kind of financial crisis, the more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.” Frank was also warned of impending doom in Bush's 2001 State of the Union, by Greenspan in House testimony in 2005, and again by John McCain in 2006. This had been brewing for a long time.

Barney Frank has been a veritable Dr. Evil, unleashing his lame-brain scheme to convert the housing and banking industries into the world’s largest welfare program. A program that blackmailed the taxpayers for $700 billion to bailout his failure. Now Steve Driehaus wants to become his “mini-me.”

Driehaus has projected the image of a conservative, pro-life, Catholic Democrat in an effort to connect with voters on Cincinnati’s west side. But Barney Frank is the antithesis of that image. Recent events have made him an even more toxic commodity. Perhaps that’s why Driehaus did all he could to hold this event in secret. Ordinarily candidates try to publicize their fundraisers loudly and proudly, especially when a nationally known figure is involved. But invitations and announcements were closely guarded, and the Enquirer was told they would not be allowed to cover it. Channel 9 reporters trying to fact-check the story were brushed off.

Somebody should have told Driehaus about the “COAST rule” for outing closeted tax-and-spenders.