Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tomorrow, 3 PM, City Hall Steps

If you one of the literally hundreds of people who circulated a petition to place City Council's Parking Plot Ordinance on the ballot, please join us tomorrow (Thursday) at 3 PM on the front steps of City Hall where we will assemble and proceed to the City Finance Director's office to file the referendum petitions.

On the front steps, Council member and NAACP President Christopher Smitherman, Candidate for Mayor John Cranley, Candidate for Council Amy Murray, and community activist Pete Witte will announce the results of the 29-day drive for signatures in every single neighborhood of this City.

Once again, thank you to absolutely everyone for their selfless sacrifice on the campaign trail.

COAST especially wants to acknowledge the tireless efforts of our Chairman, Tom Brinkman, Jr., who has put his life on hold for the past 10 days to run the COAST teams of petitioners, including the two weekends in Mt. Lookout Square, and organizing efforts of COASTers Kim Grant, Roseanne Siderits, Gene Uz, Stephan Louis, Dan Regenold, Dan St. Charles, and others.

Hats off to all of you!

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