Friday, April 19, 2013

COAST (half) wins appeal relating to Mayor's $500 per month car allowance

Mayor Mark Mallory's taxpayer-funded 
2011 Lincoln Town Car

The wheels of justice surely turn slowly, but turn they do.

Today, the First District Court of Appeals overruled the decision by Judge Melba Marsh granting summary judgment to Mayor Mark Mallory and the City of Cincinnati on the question of whether the Mayor was entitled to take a $500 per month automobile allowance under City ordinances and the City Charter.

The Court also refused to grant summary judgment to Plaintiffs Mark W. Miller and Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr., but rather referred the matter back to Judge Marsh for further proceedings.

The case was first brought in May of 2011, some two years ago.  Almost certainly, Mayor Mallory will be out of office and his Lincoln Town Car paid for before the Courts ever decide this case.

So, while the City wrestles with the $14.7 million cost overrun on the Streetcar, and layoffs of 300 City personnel, the City's bond rating is reduced and the pension is $750 million in the hole, the Mayor is continues to take this money illegally from the City.

Read the decision here.

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