Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Behold the power of the people of Cincinnati.

On March 7th, Parking Plot petition drive leaders Christopher Smitherman, John Cranley, Amy Murray and Pete Witte placed the challenge to Cincinnatians to stand up for their City. 

And so, because of this great leadership -- and a courageous decision from Judge Bob Winkler, Cincinnatians had the choice to volunteer hundreds of hours to collect signatures, and individually whether come out to sign the petition, or to sit at home and watch our Council sell one of our most valuable assets and the sovereignty of the City to finance a continuing operating deficit.

The choice was lain before us to grab hold of our destiny or watch Cincinnati crumble in our hands.  And that choice remains ours today.

COAST can now report that the community response to that challenge -- from small businesses, from community council leaders, from NAACP volunteers, from average citizens seizing back their reins of their government, from citizens black and white, young and old, east and west, rich and poor -- has been nothing short of stunning.

We do not know the final numbers.  But we do know we have blanketed this community with an uprising of volunteers and have been greeted by a chorus of citizens clamoring to stop this pernicious plot by Council.

Thursday, the politicians will witness the results of a true grassroots uprising against their policies, reap the results of the dissent they have sewn, and tremble in fear.

They all will soon behold the power of the people of Cincinnati. 

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