Friday, April 19, 2013

Former principal prevails against Princeton

Former Princeton Principal Mick Teufel

We know there are responsible educators out there dismayed by the deterioration of our system of public education, the abandonment of educational standards and standards of personal conduct, and tired of the abuse of the tax dollars to advance a relentless big-government agenda.  But too frequently, as we have have seen with the CPS case, they sit silently while administrators, union leaders and their fellow teachers abuse the trust that has been placed in them.

Thus, it was refreshing to see former Princeton principal Mick Teufel create a web site and speak repeatedly before the Princeton Board of Education to attempt to save a system that he has served for decades.

As the Princeton Board of Education presides over a school system that is being overtaken by labor unions and the standard-less performance that has plagued public school systems throughout the nation, Teufel spoke out vociferously against the Board's policies.

Finally, in response, they prohibited him from speaking at a school board meeting ever again.  And Teufel sued.

You may read Mick Teufel's editorial on the matter here.

He won in a strong a decision that stood strongly for First Amendment rights before Judge Timothy Black.  You may read the decision here.

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