Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey Union Leave them Teachers Alone!

Today's installment of the email of the day comes to us from Scott Sublett, principal (or as Jens Sutmoller prefers "principle") of Covedale School.

Sublett informs Sutmoller that apparently teachers don't like being treated like a bunch of mindless union thugs. They like to believe that who they vote for is their own decision, and that their union shouldn't be in the business of telling them which candidates to support. Sublett also tells us that teachers don't much mind being shaken down for contributions and support for levy campaigns though. Good to know exactly where the line is drawn.

At COAST we take offense at any shakedown of teachers by Union and CPS thugs. We believe in the dignity and autonomy of the individual. But hey, we're old fashioned that way.

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