Friday, April 12, 2013

Conscripting Students as Political Hacks! - Email of the Day

We've seen and heard it all before, "it's for the children..." A staple of lazy and unethical political operatives is to organize a bunch of kids to "write" letters to the editor wringing their hands over some crisis du jour or in support of some pet cause.

Well, you heard the words lazy and unethical political operative; that can mean only one thing...Jens Sutmoller and the CPS Email of the Day!

Today's installment asks various CPS board members, principals and employees, as well as a few local political activists, to encourage students to "write letters to the editors to support our position."

We try to add some levity to the email of the day (some say too much levity); but ultimately this is a very serious issue. The question remains the same. What will get these people to stop abusing public resources and conscripting children into political indentured servitude?

There is a state law outlawing this behavior; We have dragged them into court (kicking and screaming) - three times! They have signed a contract admitting to and agreeing to end this behavior - which they have stomped all over year after year! And now, they are once again before a judge stammering and yammering as it becomes clearer and clearer to everyone, that perhaps no cost is too high, no public shaming too great, nothing, no nothing will get these people to restrain themselves; not state law, not a judicial order, nothing!

Taxpayers, parents and students are expected to simply take it. To fund the political activities of CPS and the teachers' union and provide "volunteers" to wave their signs, and write their letters to the editor.

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