Thursday, April 4, 2013

The man of the moment -- Christopher Smitherman

COAST thanks from the bottom of our hearts Cincinnati City Council member and Cincinnati NAACP President Christopher Smitherman for his leadership, especially for his selfless sacrifice and powerful encouragement and exhortations over the past month.

Make no mistake what what has happened with the Parking Plot Referendum Petitions over the past 30 days simply would not have happened without him.  There are many people who have lined up to be a part of his energetic team -- a kinetic force that is propelling Cincinnati in new directions -- but he is a one-of-a-kind, dedicated and principled machine of a man who carried this entire effort on his shoulders.

He has brought truth to power, staring down investment bankers, powerful politicians and vested interests to empower the people of Cincinnati to vote on this issue.

Once again, he has reached across the lines -- in some cases the chasms -- that divide this community to unite people for important causes.  Against great odds, and in the face of almost certain defeat, he has faced down bad policies and bad decisions.

We are confident he will succeed.

He is, the man of the moment!

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