Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Parking Plot thickens

Saturday, the Cincinnati Enquirer suggested to Council a sneaky backdoor maneuver to repeal the current parking plot ordinance, and replace it with a new one, thereby forcing a re-do of the Court case and the referendum petition drive to force a public vote on the issue: Parking plan has to change.

Then, today, the City filed a new motion in front of Judge Winkler seeking to have him "stay" the very injunction he issued just a week and a half ago, preventing the City from signing the $92 million parking plot lease.  The Enquirer has a nice story on today's filing here.

Read the motion here:

Over the coming few weeks, we will see many more twists, turns, contortions, and wriggling by the Mayor, Council and their team of lawyers desperately seeking to avoid a public vote on this issue.  So far our legal and political team has won every battle.

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