Tuesday, April 16, 2013

City Manager's solution to Streetcar cost overruns: spend $17.4 Million more

As COAST pointed out last week, it has now been more than 60 days since the City opened the bids for the construction of Streetcar tracks, and learned they were $22.7 million over budget.

Then, the City promised to go back to the drawing board, "value-engineer" and scale back the project and bring the cost back within budget.  Well, today the City Manager came forward with his "solution:" Council will have to pony up $17.4 million to fund the project if they want it to go forward.  WCPO Digital has the story here. Read the memo below.

This is, of course, but the latest but certainly not the first, cost overrun for the massive project.  COAST is certain that many more are to come.

COAST stands by to broadcast the truth while the Council, in their election year, must decide the direction for this seemingly doomed project.

We. Told. You. So.


  1. You Coasties write about these overruns like it's a problem. We want this streetcar no matter how much it costs, and we speak for all streetcar supporters when we say that.

    We believe it's time to raise taxes to ensure this streetcar will be built. Mark our words, this streetcar will be almost as good for Cincinnati as the stadiums have been for Hamilton County.

  2. It's. Your. Fault.


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