Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Early report from Board of Elections -- 65%

After one day of checking signatures on the 19,803 Shock and Awe Parking Plot Referendum petitions, the Board of Elections reports that they are through with just over 1,000 signatures, and they are averaging at present about a 65% validity rate, pretty much what we expected.

If that validity rate holds, and time will tell if it does, we will have approximately 12,871 valid signatures, some 4,000 more than needed for ballot access.  This would mean that the heroic volunteers who circulated Parking Plot Referendum petitions gathered some 50% more than needed for ballot access.

We have many legal hurdles to surmount to both achieve ballot access and defeat the Parking Plot Ordinance on the referendum vote, and getting a sufficient number of signatures is just the next of those hurdles.  So, this is welcome news from the Board of Elections, but one of many steps to complete to get to a public vote.

Stay tuned on the COAST blog for the latest updates all the way to the ballot.


  1. Ha! A 65% validity rate turns your "Shock and Awe" (which FYI, it was not) into "We Might Submit Just Enough"

  2. Or, it turns it into about 50% more signatures turned in than required.

  3. We'll take it!

    Tuesday's results are the same, with 3,334 signatures verified out of a little over 5,000 checked, again a 65% validity rate. For petition drives, that's average-to-above average in terms of "good" rate.

    The goal is to get it on the ballot. That looks assured.

    Finally, this is the greatest margin for signatures-over-goal for any Cincinnati ballot issue in the past 25 years.

  4. If by "just enough" you mean the largest margin of success in a quarter century, then you're absolutely right. If you meant "just enough" to represent what every single normal person would think its means, then you're a moron. Thanks for playing! See you at the ballot box where you will be proven wrong again.


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