Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Feint from Qualls...

We've heard it before. Just after the Streetcar Project bids came in over $20 Million dollars over budget - and that was just the lowest bid, the high bid came in at nearly $40 Million over the budgeted price - Roxanne Qualls set about wringing her hands in an attempt to not seem like the streetcar sycophant that she is.  Roxie said council had never given Mallory a "blank check" for the streetcar boondoggle and called for another layer of oversight on the project.

Make no mistake, this is nothing more than a feint by Qualls to attempt to seem reasonable. But the reality is, she is just as insane as Laure Quinlivan and the rest of Mallory's sycophants. There is nothing that will keep them from their precious Streetcar.

Read what we said last time she tried this feint here.

Now Contact City Hall and let them know "Not one more Dime!"

Click on the name or copy and paste the email address:

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