Thursday, April 18, 2013

COAST 1st Quarter Report Card

In December 2012, we released our 1st Quarter Priorties. Today we are pleased to provide this report on our 1st Quarter Activities.

We took on some big challenges this quarter, having announced that we planned to (1) oppose the Duke Streetcar tax requested as part of the Duke PUCO filings; (2) stop the Parking Plot; and (3) continue the legal actions against CPS and Blue Ash regarding illegal campaigning and an illegal contract respectively.

How did we do?

1: Duke PUCO Streetcar Tax request. We are proud to say that as a result of the thousands of letters and comments from citizens DUKE has agreed to withdraw the Streetcar Tax request from their rate case. If not for the overwhelming opposition to this plan, we have no doubt that every Duke Energy bill in the region would reflect the cost of the Streetcar relocation.

We think our efforts here qualify as an unqualified success for COAST. A+

2: Parking Plot. 19,803 signatures to place the issue on the ballot, and a permanent injunction preventing the city from executing the lease. On the legal front, Cincinnati is appealing the judge's ruling and requesting a stay on the ruling pending appeal. We are cautiously optimistic.

Out of deference and respect for the judicial process, we believe it is premature to give a grade at this time.

3: Ongoing litigation with CPS and Blue Ash. CPS has turned over countless smoking guns, see the Emails of the Day and the trial is still on the Judge Martin's docket. As the litigation is still proceeding, we believe it is best to leave this ungraded, but we are certainly cautiously optimistic that this case will be resolved satisfactorily.

Blue Ash litigation remains at a standstill pending Judge Kubicki's ruling on pending motion practice. As with all pending litigation, we will leave this ungraded.

4: Surprises. How did we do on this front? Exposing the Mayor's lies about the ability to use parking revenues for the general fund; The Streetcar Boondoggle bids coming in hugely over budget and the latest request for another $17.4 Million; our continued efforts to push the local media to hold politicians accountable; and who can forget Mayor Mallory's Bizarre Press Conference that was supposed to include "Community Leaders" but ended up with four councilmembers and a homeless guy? It was strange combination of a hostage video and the bar scene in Star Wars!

All told, we think it is fair to say that in many ways COAST is off to a great start for the year!

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