Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Most Bizarre Part of Plotter Presser

The Parking Plotter Presser was billed as a press conference featuring the Mayor and council members along with community leaders. Noticeably absent were the community leaders.

Not a single community council president, not one CEO, not even a representative from the Port Authority, was willing to stand next to Mallory and Qualls. Maybe that is what Qualls should be worried about!

But, fear not, because just as the presser was about to end, David Meredith spoke up to announce that he had changed his mind on the Parking Plot and now regrets having signed the petition.

We certainly hope no one takes this guy seriously. Clearly he was there to make up for the missing Seelbach, filling the weirdo OTR resident role. He did so most admirably.

First he explained that he is your garden variety political anti-establishmentarian; and then went on to detail how he signed the petition on Sunday (EASTER) after a few beers at HAPPY HOUR; but now, having sobered up, has reconsidered.

The one person Mallory can get to stand up next to him, who doesn't have serious political skin in the game on this issue, is a guy who gets so drunk at Happy Hour on Easter Sunday (is there even such a thing as Happy Hour on a Sunday?), that he signs petitions without understanding what it is he's signing!

If this is the best Mallory can do, he and Qualls should be very worried indeed.

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  1. David Meredith, apparently, has not voted ever in years in Hamilton County, Ohio, except in the 2012 Fall General Election. He has registered to vote with a residential address at and from The Drop Inn Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. So why is the local media hyping a ONE TIME voter as THEE expert on all things related to The City of Cincinnati, Ohio? Duh?!


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