Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Caution: Desperate people do desperate things

As a cornered rat will bite, a City Council without options will try almost anything to wriggle out of their desperate financial situation.

Such is the case with the machinations over the past 72 hours with our mendacious City Council confronted with the simple math that they insist on spending more money than they take in.

Their initial plan was to eat the seed corn, by selling 30 years of parking assets of the City and then spending all of that in the first 24 months to pay for their outrageous fiscal indiscipline.  That plan was foiled by a wonderful, principled decision from Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Winkler and the heroic actions of 315 circulators and 19,803 petition signers on the Parking Plot referendum.

Then, Council's actions motivated by desperation started.

First, over the weekend the Enquirer floated a trial balloon of launching a re-do of the Parking Plot, forcing another suit before another judge to stop the illegal conduct and yet another petition drive to require a referendum.

Second, yesterday they filed a desperate motion in front of Judge Robert Winkler who has already ruled, twice, that the people of Cincinnati have referendum right on the parking plot, asking him to lift the injunction.

Finally, we hear they intend to implement a series of legal challenges to the petitions; undertaking any theory at all of throw the issue off the ballot.   

Make no mistake that the City's actions are all designed with one end in mind: deprive the people of Cincinnati of a simple up or down vote on their pernicious plot.

It ain't gonna work, but caution to the citizenry: desperate people do desperate things.  And those things are being undertaken daily.  The barrage of bizarre behavior from our City fathers has just begun; more is to follow.

These are all signs of the poor planning and low character of the people we are battling daily.  They do not have our best interests at heart.

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