Saturday, April 27, 2013

A wild few months on the Cincinnati Roller COASTer

COAST has said that the end game is playing out, and indeed it is now unfolding before our eyes.

Monday, two important things happen: First, Roxanne Qualls gavels open her Streetcar hearings at 6 PM where Council and the Administration wrestle over the future of the streetcar.  Second, the Plaintiff's brief is due before the First District Court of Appeals in the emergency expedited appeal of Judge Winkler's inspired ruling on the Parking Plot, allowing the referendum to go forward.

Then, on May 6, the Court of Appeals hears oral argument on the Parking Plot referendum issue.  Their decision could come as early as the end of May.

On June 6, some thirty days later, the layoffs of City employees commence, fulfilling the Mayor's threats to exact revenge for the voters questioning his reckless spending.

In addition, Judge Kubicki has had pending for more than five months the Motion to Dismiss Jeff Capell's Blue Ash lawsuit, challenging the annual payments for the sale of the airport.  The Mayor has diverted those monies, among others, for Streetcar construction. We expect a decision on that important motion in the coming 60 days.

Finally, the City and Duke Energy are "duking it out" over who has to pay the utility relocation costs to accommodate the Streetcar construction before new Common Pleas Court Judge Carl Stitch.

So, you might say it is all like a big roller COASTer ride for the coming few months.  And then we have Mayoral and Council elections.

Regardless of where all this goes, it's going to be a wild ride!



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