Tuesday, April 16, 2013

David Pepper sues North College Hill -- and asks taxpayers to pay his fees

COAST and its counsel are occasionally the subject of criticism for seeking redress of our client's constitutional and statutory rights and seeking reimbursement of COAST's attorneys fees associated with that litigation.  We take such criticism in stride, as the civil rights laws are meant to protect folks across the political spectrum from the excesses of their government leaders.

Still, we found it amusing when we learned that former County Commissioner Democrat David Pepper had sued the City of North College Hill, and demanded that they pay his client's attorneys fees.  The suit is to overturn term limits for the Mayor and the Council there, or at least the retrospective application thereof.

It is, after all, hypocritical of Pepper to seek payment of his fees by the municipality he is suing, as he has vociferously criticized COAST for doing exactly the same thing. 

You can read the suit here:


  1. The citizens of NCH voted for the Issue 17 term limits issue by a vote of 65% to 35%. Obviously, the people supported that Charter Amendment overwhelmingly just as it was written. They want every potential candidate for elective office to be treated equally whether it is in 2013 or 2025. That is, if you've already served 12 or more years in that office at the time you want to run again, you simply can't do it!

    A City Charter is Home Rule. Home Rule means the people decide how they want to run their government. In NCH, the people have spoken. Despite that, two members of City Council who have both served for more than 20 years already are suing to be given the opportunity to retain their jobs. Why should the courts trump the will of the people?

  2. It's simple. The longer politicans stay in office, the longer they lose respect for the people.


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