Sunday, April 7, 2013

700 WLW's Willie Cunningham shreds Yvette Simpson

One day after the shock and awe turn-in of 19,803 signatures to place the Parking Plot referendum on the ballot, Yvette Simpson tried to justify before Willie Cunningham on 700 WLW Council's attempt to avoid a vote on the issue.  Cunningham accused Simpson of voter suppression, a charge she really could not rebut.  This past Friday, he also confronted her with her hypocrisy on opposing referenda, but supporting a public vote on S.B. 5., a charge she really could not rebut.

Listen to the entire interview here.

But the sweetest part of the interview certainly was Simpson revealing a glimpse of her imperial attitude: "there are going to be people...who do not have the aptitude to understand the deal."  Priceless.  Listen to the entire interview here.  The priceless, condescending quote starts around 3:00.

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  1. Funny... I heard the interview as well and really though Simpson schooled Cunningham. Well, when he wasn't yelling.

    Today is yet another day that COAST is proven incorrect. Cunningham, at 12:50PM today, admitted he was wrong and now agrees with Simpson. She made very valid points that he reviewed over the weekend and wasn't afraid to step up.


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