Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vote on the CPS Bad Apple

Over the past couple of weeks we've been updating you on some of the more shameless/outrageous/ and just plain humorous emails turned over by CPS thus far.

Today we open up the polls to allow you to vote on the CPS Bad Apple of 2012. This years nominees are:

1: Carolyn V.M. Pedapati, Ed. M - for sending student data to a union political organizer.
2: Jennifer Martini, M. Ed. - for the veiled threat "Walk, talk, or pay."
3: Kelly Rozelle and Ceair Baggett - for making light of CPS bullying for political contributions.
4: CPS and CASE for bullying employees into making political contributions.
5: Jens Sutmoller for attempting to conscript students into "volunteering."
6: Brad Dillman for inviting CASE to participate in a political volunteer event but no other issue groups.
7: Pleasant Ridge Montesori for campaigning in the school newsletter sent to parents.
8: Jared Caesar and Yzvetta Macon of South Avondale for rescheduling parent conferences to allow teachers to campaign.
9: Roger Lewis for including levy campaign activities in his daily update email.
10: Superintendent Mary Ronan for orchestrating all of this!

Your vote matters, please select one for this special honor.

- Update - Mary Ronan in early lead with 37% of the vote; Carolyn V.M. Pedapati, Ed. M in second place as of 4:00 pm. Vote Now

1 comment:

  1. I know this goes on not only in CPS, but schools across the Cincinnati area. I've had my 5 year old tell me who to vote for (and it wasn't a conservative). I've had them tell me that if I didn't vote for the school levy that he wouldn't have a school to go to so he could see all his friends. It's despicable.


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