Sunday, February 17, 2013

Roxanne Qualls - Still Crazy After all These Years

Reading Roxanne Qualls' memo to City Manager Dohoney and Mayor Mallory we were reminded of that great Paul Simon song, "Still Crazy After all These Years."

She tries to sound like she hasn't drunk the Streetcar Kool-Aid; like she's a reasonable, thoughtful person. But then, just when you start to believe, "maybe Roxie's not so bad after all, maybe she does get it," she reminds you just how far down the path of Streetcar Sycophancy she has gone:
The goal of this approach is to bring the streetcar into service in time for the All Star-Game and on budget.

If she doesn't realize that that ship sailed before the All-Star Game was even announced, she's even crazier than the craziest of the Streetcar Crazies. No reasonable person ever could have believed the Streetcar would be operational before the 2015 All Star Game. And now, with talk of scrapping the bids and starting the bidding process over?? How could she possibly think that goal was ever on the table, much less now?

The only sensible thing to do at this point is to stop the project entirely. Cincinnati cannot afford to build the streetcar; nor will we be able to operate it. Even the rosiest of projections call for tax dollars to subsidize Streetcar operations forever!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Cincinnati, this is your City Councilwoman, your Vice-Mayor. You will have a choice in September and again in November. Are you done with these lunatics running your city? Or do you want a steaming mouthful of four more years? The choice is yours and it really is that simple.

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