Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Stop Taxpayer Abuse by Schools

Are you tired of watching "public servants" misuse public funds to promote their political causes? Are you tired of watching the elected officials ostensibly in charge of stopping these abuses condone the abuse?

There is an answer: Citizen Involvement.

This November three of the five seats on the Franklin City Schools Board of Education are up for election. Control will be decided.

Are there three concerned citizens in Franklin willing to step up and run against the misuse and abuse of tax dollars? The involuntary servitude of students?

In Franklin with 25 valid signatures and $30 you can get your name on the ballot and run for School Board. Petitions to run individually are available online here. Petitions to run as a slate are available online here.

JoAnn Feltner, Paul Hillard and Chris Sizemore clearly are unwilling to act to protect the taxpayers and the students.

The message is clear: You fire Arnol Elam or we'll fire you! - (and then we'll fire Arnol Elam)

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  1. Here in Lebanon City Schools district I have pictures of pro levy signs right on school public property. This is a clear violation of the Ohio law. We have created a web site here to help tax payers see where and how their hard earned tax dollars are being abused. You can find it at lebanonschoolfacts.com If you opposed a levy here in Lebanon you are labeled a KKK member, read board president Donna Davis Norris comments from the minutes of a school board meeting. I wish we could get a person like Mr. Christopher Finney to help us up here in Lebanon.


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