Monday, February 4, 2013

CPS Turning Over Smoking Guns

The process of Discovery has begun in COAST's breach of contract lawsuit against Cincinnati Public Schools and we must admit, even we are surprised at the blatant and shameless misuse of public resources uncovered so far.  

For example, in an email sent from a CPS email account to approximately 80 other CPS email accounts:

"Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, Tomorrow is the Day of Action for South Avondale School to campaign for Issue 42 aka the school levy...You are not required to stay the whole time" (emphasis added)

This email also mentions stuffing teachers' mailboxes with campaign materials. The agreement requires immediate notification of these type of activities to COAST and equal access to those mailboxes. - In short, yet another violation of the agreement. 

Think the days of workplace political shakedowns are a thing of the past? Perhaps you'll enjoy this email exchange between the Assistant Principals of Dater and Shroder High Schools from October 23, 2012:

9:59 am From Ceair Baggett (Dater): "The letter in the mail said asap, So before the Levy."
10:04 am Kelly Rozelle (Shroder) in reponse: "I guess I'll do the PayPal option.  I don't like feeling like I'm being bullied into making a contribution."
10:05 am Ceair Bagget reponse: "You forget Cps is A Bully Free environment.  Safe, Respectful, Responsible."
10:06 am Kelly Rozelle response: "Yeah Right!!!!!"

It's the middle of the school day, and these "education professionals" are being shaken down for political contributions. How do they respond? They make light of CPS policies designed to keep our children safe. Aren't we proud? Do you feel more or less confident that CPS is providing a safe environment in which Cincinnati's children can learn?

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