Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Duke Makes it Clear that the Streetcar Tax is a Streetcar Tax!

We have heard caterwauling from the Streetcar Sycophants like Roxanne Qualls and Mayor Mallory that Duke's proposed Streetcar Tax is not about the Streetcar. False accusations that COAST is using lies and misinformation to somehow "drum up" opposition to the proposal.

Well, it looks as if Duke's own attorney failed to get the memo. As she states explicitly:
The Company's Rider FRT and supporting testimony filed in these preceedings clearly define and identify the type of public transportation projects eligible for inclusion and specifically identify one particular project. namely the City of Cincinnati's street car project, as such a project...Nonetheless, there are no other specific projects to be identified presently pursuant to Rider FRT because no such projects exist at this time.
We'll take that as vindication. The Streetcar Tax has always been about the Streetcar and nothing else; and will always be about the Streetcar, and nothing else.

Read Duke's entire Memorandum Contra Staff and OCC Motions to Strike below.

Submit your public comment in opposition to Rider FRT here. Remember to reference Case No. 12-1682-EL-AIR.

Read others' comments here.

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