Wednesday, February 20, 2013

COAST in the News - Fighting to Uncover Allegations of Abuse and Coverup in Kings School District

Last week Channel 19, WXIX news reported on a horrific story coming out of Kings School District.
COASTer Kim Grant

Serious allegations of abuse of special needs children by a teacher have been levied and rather than fire the teacher, the Kings Board allowed her to resign with a good reference.

COASTer Kim Grant became aware of these allegations and in order to serve her community, sought to bring them to the public. She has led the charge in seeking the documents including filing a lawsuit before the Ohio Supreme Court.

The parents and citizens of the Kings School District deserve to know the truth of this matter.

Last night the school board announced that they would not release the records COAST is seeking.

View the Ohio Supreme Court filings here.

Read WXIX's coverage of the story here,  here and here and view their report below.

WXIX uncovered a letter containing the allegations here. News, Weather

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