Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Email of the Day #6 - Revealed Mary Ronan Orchestrating

Today we present an email to the staff of Pleasant Hill Academy. Teacher Kimberly Russell reminds her co-workers that CPS superintendent "Mary Ronan has asked that every school volunteer some time to ensure the levy passes."

Thus, we know that the use, misuse and abuse of school resources was not the acts of a few rogue employees, as CPS counsel has suggested. Rather this systematic abuse was part of an orchestrated effort, sent down from the highest levels of CPS administration.

Is anyone surprised by this?

  Email of the Day #6 by  COAST

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  1. What's even more disturbing to me is that these so-called teachers can't even write properly. "... if you can only work some of that time, some is better THEN none," really?? That would be "than," teacher. And that's just one of several grammatical errors I see. Sheesh.


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